What are some good classroom rules for high school?

Classroom rules

What are some good classroom rules for high school?

Classroom rules

  • Ask questions.
  • Respect and listen to your classmates.
  • Respect and listen to the teacher.
  • Raise your hand to speak.
  • Be prepared for class.
  • Be quiet when the teacher is talking.
  • Be quiet when classmates are talking.
  • Share new ideas.

How do you discipline high school students?

7 Ways to Take Control of Your Classroom to Reduce Student Misbehavior

  1. of 07. Plan for Blocks of Time.
  2. of 07. Plan Engaging Instruction.
  3. of 07. Prepare for Disruptions.
  4. of 07. Prepare the Physical Environment.
  5. of 07. Be Fair and Consistent.
  6. of 07. Set and Keep High Expectations.
  7. of 07. Make Rules Understandable.

How do you write a school discipline plan?


  1. Develop a clear discipline plan.
  2. Focus your discipline plan on student responsibility rather than identifying various areas where you need control.
  3. Be mindful of and use the high correlation between motivation and student behavior.
  4. Avoid an overindulgence in either praise or punishment.

How do you maintain discipline in a high school classroom?

There are a number of ways that a teacher can promote good discipline in the classroom.

  1. Know school guidelines for discipline procedures.
  2. Be fair, positive and consistent.
  3. Provide a list of standards and consequences to parents and students.
  4. Keep your classroom orderly.
  5. Get to know your students.

Why are rules important in high school?

Creating Effective Classroom Rules Classroom rules provide guidelines that allow students to know what is expected of them. Ideally, they should be simple, easy to follow, and posted somewhere for all of your students to see.

What are approaches to discipline?

There are three main approaches to discipline. They are incorrect discipline, preventive discipline and positive discipline.

What are models of discipline?

YouTube Video

Model Theorist
Reality (choice) Theory Glasser
Lesson movement Kounin
Democratic classroom/ Goal control theory/ social discipline model Dreikurs
Assertive discipline Canter and Canter

What is the best form of discipline?

These include:

  • Show and tell. Teach children right from wrong with calm words and actions.
  • Set limits. Have clear and consistent rules your children can follow.
  • Give consequences.
  • Hear them out.
  • Give them your attention.
  • Catch them being good.
  • Know when not to respond.
  • Be prepared for trouble.