What are some ground rules for roommates?

Roommate Etiquette Guidelines

What are some ground rules for roommates?

Roommate Etiquette Guidelines

  • Establish some basic rules.
  • Don’t borrow without asking.
  • Respect the other person’s space.
  • Follow the Golden Rule.
  • Be respectful when inviting guests.
  • Clean up your own messes.
  • Keep your hands off the other person’s food.
  • Respect the need for quiet time.

Can a boy and a girl be dorm roommates?

“Co-ed housing,” where male and female students share the same floor, has long been part of the college dorm experience. But now some schools are letting men and women live together in the same dorm room.

Can you have someone spend the night in your dorm?

Typically, the short answer will be no. Many colleges allow visitors to stay overnight and even for multiple nights. However, most campuses do not allow visitors to move into dorm rooms, regardless of gender.

What are the rules for living in a dorm?

Here are some common restrictions when living in a college dorm.

  • Fire Hazards. The degree to which these are restricted varies, but most dorms will outlaw candles, hot plates, and anything with a burner on it — sadly, this means most coffee machines, too.
  • Quiet Hours.
  • Pets.
  • Dorm Meetings.
  • Holes in Walls.
  • Visitors.
  • Substances.

How do you set boundaries with roommates?

How to Set Boundaries When Living with Roommates

  1. First, establish what makes each of you uncomfortable.
  2. Work together on setting boundaries.
  3. Be flexible and understanding.
  4. Talk to your roommate if they don’t follow the rules you’ve set together.
  5. Recognize that the process is ongoing.
  6. Situations worth considering.
  7. Chores.

Can you get a dorm with the opposite gender?

At least two dozen schools, including Brown University, the University of Pennsylvania, Oberlin College, Clark University and the California Institute of Technology, allow some or all students to share a room with anyone they choose — including someone of the opposite sex.

What is not allowed in college dorms?

Banned Electronics in College Dorms String lights, such as miniature Christmas lights. Extension cords. Cooking appliances, such as hot plates and toaster ovens. Air conditioners or space heaters.

What to Know Before living in a dorm?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Set study hours or quiet hours for your room.
  • Preferences around what you can borrow from each other (food, clothes, etc.)
  • Temperature—how hot or cold do you want the room to be.
  • Rules around when the door will be locked or unlocked.
  • When visitors are allowed and how long they can stay.

Don’t treat shared bathrooms like a spa. Picture the scene.

  • Don’t be the late-night rustler.
  • Think before you hit the light switch.
  • Leave romance at the dorm room door.
  • Lay off the beans.
  • Keep your clothes on.
  • Don’t be the guy with the phone.
  • Don’t be the dorm room slob.
  • Don’t lounge with laundry.
  • No pinching.
  • What are the ‘must haves’ for a college dorm room?

    College Dorm Room Essentials for a Good Night’s Sleep.

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  • What not to bring to a dorm room?

    Can opener/bottle opener

  • Coffee maker (with auto shut-off)
  • Coffee mugs/cups
  • Dish soap
  • Dish cloth and towel
  • Flatware/utensils
  • Mini microwave (<800 Watts). Mini microwaves (as part of a microwave-fridge combination) are also available to rent from College Products.
  • Plates/bowls/containers
  • Refrigerator (<5.5 cubic feet and 1.5 amps).
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • How to personalize your dorm room?

    Personalize your dorm room desk with a few accessories you can make yourself using mismatched containers of varying sizes. Use spray paint to change their look and add a few embellishments you can make out of embroidery thread, fabric scraps, leather, twine and all sorts of other things.{found on hgtv}. Decorate the walls and floor with washi tape.