What are the Deckers?

The Deckers are a group of computer geniuses led by Matt Miller.

What are the Deckers?

The Deckers are a group of computer geniuses led by Matt Miller.

How do you unlock SWAT homies in Saints Row: The Third?

The SWAT-Homies are available in SR3 after you complete the mission « Zombie Attack ». 2 of four are equipped with a Riot Shield along with KA-1 Kobra.

Who is Zimos?

Zimos is a character in Saints Row: The Third and Enter the Dominatrix DLC for Saints Row IV. He’s kind of like the lovable granddad of the Saints.

Who is the leader of the Deckers?

Dave Powers Powers was appointed as our Chief Executive Officer in June 2016 and joined our Board at that time. Mr. Powers joined our Company as President of Direct-to-Consumer in August 2012.

Is UGG owned by Deckers?

U.S. UGG (formerly UGG Australia) is an American footwear company and a division of Deckers Brands. UGG is a registered trademark in the United States and over 130 other countries for footwear, as well as bags, clothing, outerwear, home goods and other products.

Who is the senator in Saints Row 3?

Monica Hughes
Monica Hughes is the secondary antagonist of Saints Row: The Third. She is a United States senator and widowed wife of Richard Hughes – the main antagonist of Saints Row.

How do I become a toilet in Saints Row The Third?

To get the character for yourself, simply sign up at the Saints Row 3 community site , visit the Toilet character page , and click “Add to queue”. Then, when creating a new character at the start of the game or via one of the city’s cosmetic surgery shops, select the option to connect to saintsrow3.com.

Is Zimos dead?

Zimos corpse was laid to lie underground. During a rescue at Safeword, Cypher had came across Zimos corpse but declared him deceased to Shaundi and Viola.

How many stores does Deckers have?

140 retail stores
As of 2021, Deckers had a total of 140 retail stores worldwide, 71 of which were concept stores.

Where can I find Stags in Saints Row 4?

They appear in Saints Row IV operating in Virtual Steelport in the exact same locations they did in Saints Row: The Third. Similar to Saints Row: The Third, they attack Playa at any Notoriety level. In Kinzie ‘s Loyalty mission ” Kinzie’s Adventures ” they are being led by a virtual figment of Cyrus Temple and drive STAG vehicles.

What is the SNG in Saints Row 4?

The SNG or Steelport Guard, is a type of Law Enforcement in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV . The SNG is in close association with the Steelport Police, and come after Playa at high levels of Notoriety . Their uniforms consist of tan-coloured tactical vests and woodland khaki camouflage fatigues, and their vehicles are colored tan.

What is the coat of arms of the Red Faction?

Their coat of arms is Mr. Toots, a My Little Pony -style unicorn and novelty weapon in another of Volition, Inc. ‘s games: Red Faction: Armageddon. In real life, cities do not have their own division, only states.