What are the types of messages SAP?

In ABAP there are 6 types of messages, which are available:

What are the types of messages SAP?

In ABAP there are 6 types of messages, which are available:

  • Type A (abend – abnormal end of task) Type A (abend – abnormal end of task) means termination of the program.
  • Type E (error) Type E is for error messages.
  • Type I (information)
  • Type S (success, status)
  • Type W (warning)
  • Type X (exit)
  • Syntax.

How many types of messages are there in SAP ABAP?


What are the types of error messages in SAP ABAP?

SAP Message Types (format = a)

Code Type Action
I Informational Press ENTER to continue
W Warning Correction possible
E Error Correction required
A Abend Transaction terminated

What are the different types of message commands used in reports?

Summary –

  • Message Types.
  • Message Usage. Coding directly in the program. Display abend message Example. Display error message Example. Display informational message Example. Display success message Example. Display warning message Example. Display exit message Example. By using the message class. Example.

How do you send a message in SAP ABAP?

The syntax for issuing a message is as follows. MESSAGE TYPE . We can issue a status message as follows. Status message will be displayed in the status bar.

How do you create a message class in SAP ABAP?

How to create a Message Class? First go to t-code SE91 i.e. Message Maintenance, enter the name of the message class and click on create button. Maintain the required message texts with message numbers. Then save the entries and assign it to proper development class and transport request.

What is a error message in SAP?

SAP TECH CONCEPTS Error ( E ) : Displays an error message and the system interrupts the current processing so that the errors can be corrected. Only then can processing continue. When used in selection screen events ,displays an error message and the input fields are refreshed for the user to enter new values .

What is ABAP data type?

Data types are the actual type definitions in ABAP Dictionary. They allow you to define elementary types, reference types, and complex types of the ABAP type concept that are visible globally in the system. The data types of database tables are a subset of all possible types, namely flat structures.

How do you write a message in SAP?

In order to maintain text symbols use the menu path Goto->Text Elements->Text Symbols in ABAP editor. In the text symbols screen we can maintain the messages with a 3 character identifier. Then use the following message statement. MESSAGE text-001 TYPE ‘I’.

What are the different types of messages in message class?

What is Message Class

Message Type Effect
A Termination Message
E Error Message
I Information
S Success Message