What did Guillaume Apollinaire do?

What did Guillaume Apollinaire do?

Guillaume Apollinaire, pseudonym of Guillelmus (or Wilhelm) Apollinaris de Kostrowitzki, (born August 26, 1880, Rome?, Italy—died November 9, 1918, Paris, France), poet who in his short life took part in all the avant-garde movements that flourished in French literary and artistic circles at the beginning of the 20th …

Will you be there Guillaume Musso Wiki?

Will You Be There? (Korean: 당신, 거기 있어줄래요; RR: Dangsin, Geogi Isseojullaeyo) is a 2016 South Korean fantasy drama film directed by Hong Ji-young, based on the French novel, Seras-tu là?, by Guillaume Musso. The film stars Kim Yoon-seok, Byun Yo-han and Chae Seo-jin.

Which French poet is known for his Calligrammes a collection of concrete poetry?

Guillaume Apollinaire
The collection is especially noted for its pattern poetry, a verse form in which the words of a poem are arranged so as to form a pattern suggesting the subject of the poem. Apollinaire, drawing by Pablo Picasso from the frontispiece to Calligrammes, a collection of poems by Guillaume Apollinaire, 1918.

When did Picasso meet Apollinaire?

Apollinaire became a fixture in the Parisian art world following a meeting with Pablo Picasso that took place in a bar in 1905 and which had been arranged through a secretary named Jean Mollet.

Will you be there Guillaume Musso summary?

by Guillaume Musso. Elliott Cooper, a 60 year-old surgeon from San Francisco, is doing volunteer work in Cambodia. After selflessly operating on a child, he receives a mysterious bottle of pills from a grateful relative of his patient who has promised to grant his dearest wish.

Who was Picasso friends with?

Carles Antoni Cosme Damià Casagemas i Coll (Carlos Casagemas) (September 27, 1880, in Barcelona – February 17, 1901, in Paris, France) was a Catalan painter and poet. He is known for his friendship with Pablo Picasso, who painted several portraits of Casagemas.

Who was a suspect in the Mona Lisa theft?

poet Guillaume Apollinaire
French poet Guillaume Apollinaire is arrested and jailed on suspicion of stealing Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa from the Louvre museum in Paris.