What does a 9 to 5 mean?

working time

What does a 9 to 5 mean?

working time

What is the synonym and antonym of capable?

Synonyms. competent able capableness surefooted confident resourceful potentiality capability sure-footed. Antonyms. incapableness incapable incapability incompetent unable.

What is the word for 9 times?

Noncuple to: nine times as great as. B. sb. A quantity nine times as great as another.

Is forementioned a word?

Mentioned earlier or above; already cited.

What is group of soldiers called?

A troop is a group of soldiers within a cavalry or armoured regiment.

What is the root word of capable?

“sufficiently able, having power or capacity, qualified,” 1590s, from French capable “able, sufficient; able to hold,” or directly from Late Latin capabilis “receptive; able to grasp or hold,” used by theologians, from Latin capax “able to hold much, broad, wide, roomy;” also “receptive, fit for;” adjectival form of …

What part of speech is aforementioned?


What is another word for 5 times?


How do you spell forementioned?

Correct spelling for the English word “Forementioned” is [fɔːmˈɛnʃənd], [fɔːmˈɛnʃənd], [f_ɔː_m_ˈɛ_n_ʃ_ə_n_d] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What is the adjective of capable?

adjective. /ˈkeɪpəbl/ 1having the ability or qualities necessary for doing something capable of something You are capable of better work than this. capable of doing something He’s fully capable of lying to get out of trouble.

How do you use aforementioned?

Aforementioned sentence example

  1. In spite of the aforementioned snags, life was a proverbial bucket of roses.
  2. Military heroes of the last several centuries, such as the aforementioned Lafayette and Hamilton and Travis, were not bloodthirsty.

How can a person be capable?

Here are 12 concepts to help you along the way to becoming the best possible version of yourself.

  1. See yourself for who you are.
  2. Forgive and let go of anger.
  3. Accept responsibility.
  4. Admit when you are wrong and apologize.
  5. Be a good listener.
  6. Be polite.
  7. Have respect for others (and yourself).
  8. Set goals for yourself.