What does a TransGo shift kit do?

What does a TransGo shift kit do?

TransGo SHIFT KIT® valve body repair kits are engineered to correct rough shifts and other malfunctions that can reduce transmission longevity and durability. You may notice a more ‘progressive’ shift feel after a TransGo kit has been installed.

What does a shift kit do for a 4l60e?

Adding a shift kit to your 4l60e equipped car, truck, or SUV will help correct and improve the lazy shifting that the 4l60e is somewhat known for in factory form. Properly installed shift kits will make all shifts more firm and quick without making it feel like you got hit by a train.

What does the TransGo hd2 do?

Prevents broken case and drum due to excessive pressure.

How can I improve my 4L60E?

4L60E Mods for Performance Enthusiasts

  1. Lay out the important parts on an assembly bench.
  2. Rebuild with an improved, thicker sun shell.
  3. Use five-pinion front/rear planetary.
  4. Use a larger clutch with an input drum reinforcement sleeve.
  5. Stamped Steel forward clutch apply pistons.

Can you make a 4L60E stronger?

You can also upgrade your 4L60E to a high-volume 13-element (vane) pump which will handle pressure and volume. Inspect Transmission soft and hard parts. There’s also a need to inspect and upgrade the transmission’s soft and hard parts as the case may be.

How many shift solenoids does a 4L80E have?

4L80E Transmission 1-2 A 3-4 B Shift Solenoids 91-up 2 Solenoids for GM | eBay.

What does a shift kit do for a 4L80E?

The good news is that this kit will be able to safely handle big horsepower. They also said that this kit will end clutch burnout with the ability to hold 1st, 2nd and 3rd at virtually any RPM. TransGo said the kit will prevent case blow-out and drum breakage due to high line pressure.

How can I make my automatic transmission go faster?

There are 6 ways to improve automatic transmission performance and reliability. These are servicing the transmission, changing driving habits, driving with lower gears when loaded, maintaining engine performance, having proper alignment of tires, and having the correct tire size.

How can I make my automatic shift faster?

Yes, to make your car shift faster we recommend using a throttle response controller to start. This will be the best and easiest upgrade to do at home. Personalize your gas pedal response so that you can get power from RPM and torque sooner. This will get you up to speed easier using your existing horsepower.