What does depressurizing mean?

transitive verb. : to release pressure from.

What does depressurizing mean?

transitive verb. : to release pressure from.

What is the effect of depressurization?

Loss of structural integrity of an airplane may result in sudden depressurization of the cabin potentially leading to hypoxia with loss of consciousness of the pilots. Specialized breathing masks supply the pilots with oxygen.

What is depressurization in oil and gas?

Controlled disposal of pressurized fluids to a flare or vent system when required to avoid or minimize a hazardous situation.

Why depressurization is required?

Depressuring reduces the risk of catastrophic process equipment/unit failure and the amount of material released if there is a loss of containment (maybe due to fire). As a requirement, depressurization of an equipment must reduce its pressure to a certain amount and at a given time.

Can a pilot depressurize the cabin?

A new method has been discussed whereby the pilots depressurize the cabin so as to eliminate the hijacking threat since all the cabin crew and passengers will be rendered unconscious.

What causes cabin depressurization?

Definition. Depressurisation of the aircraft cabin as a result of structural failure, pressurisation system malfunction, an inadvertent crew action or a deliberate crew intervention.

Has anyone exploded from decompression?

However, decompression events have nevertheless proved fatal for aircraft in other ways. In 1974, explosive decompression onboard Turkish Airlines Flight 981 caused the floor to collapse, severing vital flight control cables in the process.

Can you survive explosive decompression?

As long as you don’t try and hold your breath during this explosive decompression, you’ll survive about 30 seconds before you sustain any permanent injuries.

How often does cabin depressurization occur?

Decompression incidents are not uncommon on military and civilian aircraft, with approximately 40–50 rapid decompression events occurring worldwide annually.

What is depressurization in space?

9: Depressurization If an astronaut is exposed to a space vacuum without protection, other nasty stuff would happen, too. Without atmospheric pressure to balance things out, the unfortunate space traveler’s final breath would expand in his or her lungs, tearing the delicate gas-exchange tissues that line them.

What is a depressurization test?

Depressurization Testing The depressurization test is performed when construction is complete on a new house or renovation. Fundamentally, depressurization is a negative pressure that develops when an exhaust device, for example, a range hood in your kitchen or an exhaust fan in your bathroom, is turned on in the home.