What does O-Ren Ishii say?

O-ren says, “That while a sword doesn’t get tired, the Bride must be.” The two trade comments and blows.

What does O-Ren Ishii say?

O-ren says, “That while a sword doesn’t get tired, the Bride must be.” The two trade comments and blows.

Why was O-Ren called cottonmouth?

Before striking, the Cottonmouth bares its fangs and shows the white lining in its mouth that earns it the name “Cottonmouth”, this could be explained as O-Ren being quite a show-woman when it comes to combat, utilizing stylistic, flashy moves as seen in combat with Beatrix.

What does Ren Ishii wear?

Based on the sword-wielding assassin from the movie, this O-Ren Ishii costume comes with a white kimono, a black collar, and a sash. Each piece is designed to recreate the look seen in Kill Bill: Vol. 1. Once you have the entire ensemble on, even The Bride may not last five minutes in a duel with you!

Who is cottonmouth in Kill Bill?

Lucy Liu
Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004) – Lucy Liu as O-Ren Ishii aka Cottonmouth – IMDb.

Did O-Ren Ishii have a Hattori Hanzo sword?

No, it wasn’t. O-ren’s sword was the same that the young o-ren killed the man who killed her father with.

Is pretty Riki bill?

There is fan speculation that Pretty Riki is actually a young Bill, but Quentin Tarantino has confirmed that this is not true and originally the anime was supposed to include a scene of O-Ren getting revenge on Riki as well as Matsumoto.

What is Uma Thurman code name in Kill Bill?

Black Mamba
Beatrix “The Bride” Kiddo (codename: Black Mamba) is a fictional character and the protagonist of the two-part movie Kill Bill directed by Quentin Tarantino. She is portrayed by Uma Thurman.

How did Elle Driver lose her eye?

Elle had some kind of sexual relationship with Bill, much like Beatrix Kiddo, who was Bill’s girlfriend and the mother of B.B. Kiddo. After a protracted fight in Budd’s trailer, Elle was defeated by Beatrix, who snatched out her other eye, rendering her completely blind.

Why does Hattori Hanzo make the sword?

He used Hanzo’s teachings for dishonorable purposes, causing Hanzo to retire. But when Beatrix shows that she has the resolve to defeat Bill, Hanzo feels honorbound to make her a sword so she’d have a chance at winning.

Is Riki a bill?

Who killed O-Ren’s father?

When O-Ren was only nine years old, Mr. Ishii and his wife were murdered by Matsumoto and his men, who managed to break into their home during the night.

What does O-Ren Ishii say to Matsumoto?

“(on Japanese) Look at me Matsumoto; take a good look at my face… Look at my eyes… Look at my nose… Look at my chin… Look at my mouth. Do I look familiar? DO I LOOK LIKE SOMEBODY YOU MURDERED?!” ― O-Ren Ishii kills Matsumoto.

Who is Orio-Ren Ishii?

O-Ren Ishii was born on American-Japanese military base in Tokyo. Her father was a Sergeant Major in the United States Army and her mother was a faithful housewife. It is presumed that her very early childhood was untroubled as little is known about her infancy.

What is O-Ren Ishii’s most famous quote?

” ― O-Ren Ishii’s most famous quote as she delivers a threatening speech to her associates shortly after beheading Boss Tanaka. [source] O-Ren Ishii (Jap.

What language does O-Ren speak?

For being born an American, O-Ren was very skillful in speaking English as well as Japanese, her native language.