What episode is Ai Haibara in?

What episode is Ai Haibara in?

Ai Haibara
First appearance: Manga: File 16 (In a silhouette) / File 176 (1st full appearance) Anime: Episode 129 Magic Kaito 1412: Episode 21
Appearances: Chapters: 326 Episodes: 256 Movies: 18 OVAs: 12 Specials: 2 Episodes: 1 Openings: 36 Closings: 4
Keyhole number: Volume 18

What episode does Haibara disguise as Conan?

Episode 176-178: Reunion with the Black Organization There’s this brief moment we all remember when Conan gives Haibara his glasses as a disguise. Well, look at Haibara’s face after realizing everything Conan’s been doing to her to make her feel safer and loved.

What happens to Haibara in Detective Conan?

Haibara collapsed in front of Kudo’s house. To prevent the knowledge of her transfiguration from being discovered, Shiho and Professor Agasa create her alias Ai Haibara. As Ai Haibara, she attends Teitan Elementary School with Shinichi Kudo’s shrunken form, Conan Edogawa.

Does AI haibara likes Conan?

I’m in trouble,”. Haibara ends the conversation claiming she doesn’t like Conan in that way. Haibara sees Ayumi is worried and does not want to trouble her anymore, so Haibara plainly states she does not have those kinds of feelings for Conan.

What episode did Conan meet haibara?

“Detective Conan” Meeting with the Black Organization Again: Part 1 – Haibara (TV Episode 2000) – IMDb.

Does haibara have a crush on Conan?

Their closeness has caused a number of people taking it as they are in a “special” relationship. In canon, that includes: Ayumi Yoshida questioned Haibara if she liked Conan as early as Haibara’s first appearances. Yukiko Kudo noticed Haibara staring at Conan multiple times in a day.

Does haibara like Shinichi?

However, in more recent cases, Haibara has been more supportive of Shinichi and Ran’s relationship, providing him the antidotes and asking other people to cover for him. Haibara has confessed to Conan that having him around in the same situation as her is why she can stand being a six-year-old.

What episode did Ayumi kiss Conan?

Episode 4:
Conan/Ayumi moments[edit] Ayumi gives Conan her first kiss. Episode 4: Ayumi kisses Conan for being heroic and saving everyone from Cavane’s thug while searching for the treasure.

Who is the little girl with Sera in Detective Conan?

Mary Sera
Gender: Female
Relatives: Tsutomu Akai (husband, deceased) Shuichi Akai (first son) Shukichi Haneda (second son) Masumi Sera (daughter) Elena Miyano (younger sister, deceased) Atsushi Miyano (younger brother-in-law, deceased) Akemi Miyano (niece, deceased) Shiho Miyano (niece)
Occupation: MI6 Agent Housewife