What happened to Squall after ff8?

What happened to Squall after ff8?

During the conflict, Edea shoots a giant magical ice shard at Squall. The ice shard hits him in the upper chest (some say it actually hits him right below the shoulder) and he falls off the float, tumbling down a great distance. But in the next scene, Squall wakes up in a prison cell and is miraculously fine.

Is Squall dead Reddit?

Ultimately, I think that after Ultimicia was defeated, time was changed and the celebration at the end wasn’t from the events that we, the player, experienced, but from an alternate series of events that lead to Edea never being a sorceress to begin with, so Squall never died.

Who is Adel ff8?

Adel is a boss in Final Fantasy VIII, fought at the start of disc 4. Adel has Rinoa junctioned to her, and if the latter dies, it is Game Over. The battle is just beyond the point of no return, as the party refuses to exit the Lunatic Pandora without saving Rinoa.

Will ff8 get a remake?

Final Fantasy VIII: Yoshinori Kitase on taking the series in a bold new direction. As Final Fantasy VIII Remastered comes to PlayStation Now, the Director of the original game explains.

Why does squall want to be called Leon?

Squall takes the name Leon as an alias because he is ashamed of not protecting those he loved from the Heartless when his home world the Radiant Garden was consumed by darkness. His role in Kingdom Hearts is to help guide the protagonist Sora in his battle against the Heartless.

What happens to Diablos when Squall dies?

If you choose to use the lamp later in the game, after Squall is dead, the lamp still summons Diablos, and you can still obtain the GF. Now in the theory, everything after Disc 1 is basically Squall’s mind imagining what was going to happen.

What does squall say about death in you’ve become just a memory?

You’ve become just a memory In the latter half of disc one, two conversations take place concerning Seifer’s fate and if he will be executed for attacking the president of Galbadia. During these sections of dialogue, Squall muses to himself on the existential qualities of death. “Will they talk about me this way if I die too?

What happened to Squall in the desert?

Then Squall leaves in search of his “own time”, and is shown wandering in a desert place. He appears to be “lost in time” and unable to find his way back his normal time period. Squall finds himself on a small rock island, isolated and helpless. He drops himself on the ground, exhausted.

Does squall die in Final Fantasy VIII?

And now, finally, Squall is dead. We see a white feather fall to the ground, and the screen fades to black. The last ten minutes of the FFVIII ending movie are, in the simplest terms, of “heaven”, or some equivalent thereof. That horrible ‘Eyes on Me’ song boots up, and we see Rinoa wandering around.