What is a 1972 Honda CB350 worth?


What is a 1972 Honda CB350 worth?


Excellent $4,065
Very Good $2,315
Good $1,255
Fair $820
Poor N/A

What is the difference between a Honda CL350 and an CB350?

One of the main difference between the Honda CL350 and CB350 is the exhaust. The CB350 uses a pair of individual exhaust pipes that exit to the left and right of engine with a matching muffler mounted along the bottom of the frame.

How many horsepower is a Honda CB350?

How much horsepower does a Honda CB 350 have? The Honda CB 350 has 36.00 HP (26.3 kW) @ 10500 RPM.

Is CB350 good for touring?

From his initial experience, the biker feels that Honda CB350 has a relatively harder suspension and seat, as compared to Royal Enfield motorcycles. According to him, this can be a problem for long distance touring.

Is Honda CB350 Rs good for touring?

The CB350 RS is a slightly sportier-looking motorcycle that is built for touring purposes, hence the RS (Road Sailing) suffix.

Is Honda CB350 worth buying?

But good thing is, H’ness is worth its price tag because of the updated features it offers than its rivals. It can surely be called as Modern classic. It possess the soul of retro/classic motorcycles with all the modern amenities like; LED Head Lamp & Tail Lamp, which is absent in its rivals.

Are CB350 reliable?

So the short answer is: yes, you can tour on the CB350 with a few mods. You get a silky-smooth ride, great mileage and Honda’s legendary reliability (or so we hope).

Is Honda CB350 a cruiser?

@ Zigwheels | Yes, it is a cruiser bike. which is capable enough for city commutes as well as for long rides. The Honda CB350 H’Ness promises a lot on paper.

Is CB350 RS a cafe racer?

2021 New Honda CB350 RS Price in India Highlights: Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India today launched the new CB350 RS which is a cafe racer based on the existing H’ness CB350. The new motorcycle will come in two variants like the H’ness – one with a dual-tone colour scheme and the other solid.

Is Honda Highness a failure?

In an official statement, the two-wheeler manufacturer said it has identified a “different material grade usage in counter shaft fourth gear of the transmission”, which may lead to a defect upon extensive running/usage of the Honda H’ness CB350. However, no case of any failure has been reported till now.

Is Honda Highness successful?

The Honda H’ness is currently being sold exclusively through BigWing premium outlets in select cities. The 350 cc niche has long been Royal Enfield’s forte and there have been several attempts by rivals to break the monopoly, but none was successful.