What is a civil war saddle worth?

lot 2260. Estimate $100 – $250.

What is a civil war saddle worth?

lot 2260. Estimate $100 – $250.

Are McClellan saddles still made?

The McClellan saddle continues to be made in the US, and was used by endurance riders at one time. It is made for use as a pleasure saddle for those few who like it for that purpose, and as a saddle for historical reenactors.

Are McClellan saddles comfortable?

The McClellan saddle was a riding saddle designed by George B. McClellan, a career Army officer in the U.S. Army. He designed this saddle for the US military and continued in use in various forms until the US Army’s last horse cavalry. This saddle is so popular for its comfortable and deep seat.

When was the McClellan saddle made?

Submitted photoClassic: McClellan’s saddle, designed for military use, was first produced in 1857.

What are Australian saddles used for?

The saddle is suitable for cattle work, starting young horses, everyday pleasure riding, trail riding, endurance riding, polocrosse and is also used in Australian campdrafting competitions and stockman challenges.

Who designed the McClellan saddle?

George B. McClellan
The McClellan Cavalry Saddle, designed by George B. McClellan in the mid- 1850’s, was used by the U. S. Army from 1859 until the 1940’s when the last horse cavalry and horse artillery was disbanded.

Why does the McClellan saddle have a hole in the middle?

Although the Army produced a new pack saddle in 1913, and a special War contract saddle in 1917 (both based on the McClellan design) It was the Model 1904 that most American military horsemen were using through WWI. The signature hole in the middle made the rig lighter and also made it more comfortable for the horse.

Who invented the McClellan saddle?

When was the English saddle invented?

From traveling to waging war, for hundreds of years, man rode without a saddle. The first saddle is believed to have been invented in 365 AD by the Sarmations. Proud horsemen who used their horses in battle and also sacrificed them to the gods, their saddle creations were brought back to Europe by the Huns.

When did the McClellan saddle with saddle bags come out?

You will be completely satisfied with this WWII saddle. This is the 1874 McClellan saddle with saddle bags. Special orders #85, dated April 10, 1872: The 1859 McClellans were to be covered with black collar leather and the skirts to be removed.

Was there a Civil War officer’s McClellan saddle?

My good friend Doug Locke, D.V.M., loaned me General John Wilson Sprague’s saddle from his personal collection to use as a guide to reproduce the Civil War Officer´┐Żs McClellan saddle. I am excited to be able to offer a reproduction of this historic, battle-ridden civil war saddle.

What kind of saddle did they use in WW2?

This 1928 WW2 McClellan saddle follows the original specifications, original tree used, or a new wide 1904 style. New russet leather cover, correct side skirts, wool covered underbars on tree, cavalry model US covered stirrups,brass hardware, six coat straps.

What size stirrups do I need for a McClellan saddle?

This saddle will fit a modern day horse and is machine sewn. Specify stirrup size: 3″ or 4 1/2″ CSA shield and clipped corner slot plates are available for the ’59. Please check the current catalog for saddle prices, and the 1859 McClellan Equipment we have to offer.