What is a CL77 pipe?

What is a CL77 pipe?

Running straight pipes with small internal baffles, CL77s featured a loud and very distinct sound from the 180 degree firing order of this parallel twin.

How many CC’s are in a CL77 Scrambler 305?

1967 Honda CL77 Scrambler 305 Manufacturer Honda Class Off-road Engine 305.4 cc (18.64 cu in) OHC 180° crank an Bore / stroke 60 mm × 54 mm (2.4 in × 2.1 in)

What kind of bike is a Honda CL77?

The Honda CL77 or Scrambler 305 is the off-road or scrambler version of the Honda C77 Dream and the CB77 Super Hawk of the 1960s. Scramblers, designated CL by Honda, differed from the sport bikes (designated CB) to allow for some off-road riding.

How did the CL77 differ from the CB77 Super Hawk?

The CL77 differed from the CB77 Super Hawk in a number of ways. To increase ground clearance, it had upswept exhaust pipes running along the bike’s left side.