What is a sliderider?

What is a sliderider?

The SlideRider was an indoor slide that you can attach to your stairs and turn them into a giant slide, and will surely be the greatest toy imaginable for any child.

What happened to the quirky sliderider?

In 2014, Trisha launched her concept on Quirky on her bid to make this project a reality. Despite the product’s popular demand , Quirky announced that the SlideRider did not meet safety standards during the testing stage. Hence, the project failed to come into fruition. Yes, we are bummed as much as you do.

How much does the quirky slide cost?

The slide is currently in the portfolio launch phase at Quirky with an estimated highest acceptable price set at $76.00. The slide is built a bit more narrow than a standard set of stairs so that there is a little bit of room on the side of the slide to go back up the stairs.

Is the slidewhizzer foldable?

The SlideWhizzer is not foldable but rather, it features 3-sectioned slide chute which consists of the top chute, the extension piece, and the bottom chute. The good thing about the SlideWhizzer is its expandable feature. This means that you can connect more extension pieces to make the slide longer.