What is a Stanley brace?

What is a Stanley brace?

Another interesting Stanley brace is an older one that is not marked with a model number on the bow–only the Stanley Rule & Level mark on the chuck shell. This one is a simple sleeve brace, almost identical to Fray’s bottom of the line, No. 08, and has stained hardwood handles.

What kind of Brace has a sweetheart logo?

The brace has a sweetheart logo, dating it to the 1920s. But unlike the usual No. 903, this brace has a cocobolo wrist handle, with inserted pewter ring, like the wrist handles found on Fray, and later, Stanley Spofford braces. This is a bit unusual, and not described in Walter’s Guide*.

What kind of handles were used on Stanley braces?

Another group of Stanley braces were fitted with aluminum handles for a short period of time between 1926 and 1934. They are interesting, different, and objects of collectors. These include the No. 903A (changed to No. 923A in 1934) and the No. 929. Jacob* suggests that these were used by plumbers.

What are some of the most interesting types of braces?

Another interesting brace is a model that is not too uncommon, numbered, “X – 3.” These braces seem to be found only in 6″ sweeps, and seem not to have been listed in any Stanley catalogue. A number of these have passed through my hands.