What is a stringer pallet?

What is a stringer pallet?

What is a Stringer Pallet? Stringer pallets are the most commonly used pallets in the United States, and are so named because they use stringers to support the unit load. Stringers are the boards that are sandwiched between the top and bottom deckboards, and are typically made out of 2 x 4’s or 3 x 4’s.

What is a 4 stringer pallet?

Frequently, stringers may be notched to allow for partial four-way fork entry, thus creating a “4-way” stringer pallet. If the stringers are not notched, it is called a “2-way” pallet, with fork entry only from either end. Bottom deckboards can be chamfered to allow entry for the wheels of a pallet jack.

What are the strongest pallets?

Block pallets are normally stronger than their stringer alternative. They are constructed using both parallel and perpendicular stringers to better facilitate handling. Quite often a block pallet will also be known as a four-way pallet.

What are stringer pallets made of?

Most commonly pallet stringers are able to be picked up by either a forklift or pallet jack forks, through a two way entry. Stringer pallets or pallet stringers can be made from wood or plastic, and be notched to create partial four way entries if needed.

How many stringers are on a pallet?

Either a solid or notched beam (usually a 2” x 4”) used to support the top and bottom deck boards. Depending upon need a pallet can have from 2 up to 5 stringers per pallet.

What are the different types of wooden pallets?

A. Pallet Styles by Entry Points and Decking

  • Two-way entry. Two-way entry pallets have entry openings on two sides for the forklift forks.
  • Four-way entry. Four-way entry pallets have entry openings on all four sides of the pallet.
  • Open Deck Pallet.
  • Solid Deck Pallet.
  • Double Face Pallet.

What are the different pallet sizes?

The three most common pallet sizes are:

  • 48 x 40.
  • 42 x 42.
  • 48 x 48.

What are the blue pallets?

These are pallets that are either stolen or leak out of the pooling system, ending up in the back yard of a business that is not a CHEP client. Some businesses sell on the pallets to CHEP customers, while others find a way of returning them to CHEP for a pre-arranged fee.

What are the top boards on a pallet called?

Deck – The boards or panels that make up the top or bottom surface of a pallet. Deck Board – The component boards or panels that make up a deck.

What is a wrong way pallet?

When the stringers run parallel to the direction of flow, that is oriented the “easy” way or the “right” way. Positioning the stringers to run perpendicular to the direction of flow is termed the “hard” or “wrong” way.