What is brbrbr?

What is brbrbr?

Get a brbrbr mug for your fish Paul. An intelligible saying that means, “You just ate your hamster .” It is pronounced: bur bur bur ging ga

What is the origin of the Brbr Deng meme?

The exact origin of Brbr Deng meme is currently unknown. On October 26th, 2018, Instagram user paegr posted an image of Mudvayne bassist Ryan Martinie from the music video, captioned with onomatopoeic representation of the opening riff, “brbr deng brbr deng” (shown below). [10] Add a comment…

When did the song Brbr Deng come out?

Starting in 2012, the song has appeared in humorous edits on YouTube and other platforms, acquiring the onomatopoeic nickname “Brbr Deng” in late 2018. On August 22nd, American heavy metal band Mudvayne released their debut album L.D. 50. [1]