What is DLNA media server?

What is DLNA media server?

DLNA media server is video or audio streaming service that enables you to play videos over DLNA client like VLC media player. We are going to discuss all things about how to play DLNA content with VLC media player in this guide.

How to play DLNA files on VLC media player?

You can follow the below steps of process to play DLNA content with VLC.This process is a little lengthy but it is totally worth of time. Step 1 Run VLC on your computer and click on “Media” on the top left side, then select “Stream” from the options.

What is the use of a DLNA and UPnP video player?

VLC plays DLNA and UPnP content from your local network allowing you get easy access to videos from your laptops and other devices which support this feature. It is just like that you are sharing available media of your laptop or mobile with different devices.