What is famous food of Kolkata?

What is famous food of Kolkata?

There is no doubt that both rice and fish are the staple Kolkata cuisines. Every restaurant with a Bengali food menu has the famous Macher Jhol.

Where is street food in Kolkata?

Best Street Places to Eat in Kolkata

  • Maharaja Chaat Centre, Southern Avenue.
  • Balaram Mullick and Radharam Mullick.
  • Zaika, Park Street Lane.
  • Rabindra Sadan Metro Exit.
  • Fairlie Place, Stock Exchange Road.
  • Deckers Street.
  • China Town, Tiretti Bazar.
  • Balwant Singh Eating House, S.P Mukherjee Road.

What is the famous food of West Bengal?

West Bengal is famous for an array of things, and one of the most important of them is food. The mouth-watering Rosogullas, Chomchom, and Rasamalai, the super tasty Sorshe Ilish and Chingri Macher Malai Curry and but a few of the mouthwatering and tempting food of the highly illustrated and exquisite Bengali cuisine.

What is the famous sweet in Kolkata?

One of the most famous Bengali sweets, Roshogolla is a soft round mithai made out of Chhena and dipped into a sugary syrup. Rajbhog is a close cousin of this famed sweet, with a delicious stuffing in its centre that can be made of dry fruits, saffron, cardamom and so on.

What is an important part of Kolkata?

It contains B.B.D. Bagh, formerly known as Dalhousie Square, and the Esplanade on its east; Strand Road is on its west. The West Bengal Secretariat, General Post Office, Reserve Bank of India, Calcutta High Court, Lalbazar Police Headquarters and several other government and private offices are located there.

What are the key elements of Kolkata staple food?


  • Macher jhol. Fish is an integral component of Bengali cooking. …
  • Mishti Doi. This Bengali dessert consisting of fermented sweet yogurt is one of the area’s most famous culinary exports. …
  • Kosha Mangsho. …
  • Alur torkari. …
  • Luchi. …
  • Cholar dal. …
  • Shukto. …
  • Chomchom.

What is the traditional food of Bengalis?

A traditional Bengali lunch, consisting of bhaat (rice), aloo bhaja (fried potato), begun bhaja (fried eggplant), dal (lentils), chingri machher malaikari (prawn), mutton, chatni, papad, and mishti.

Why is Bengali food famous?

Bengal has been famous for its food and cuisine ever since the establishment of civilization in the landscape of gluttons, made up of the sovereign state of Bangladesh (earlier East Bengal or East Pakistan) and the Indian state of West Bengal, with a total area of more than 228,000 square kilometers (Banerji 2005:xx).