What is lrzsz?

What is lrzsz?

lrzsz is a heavily rehacked version of the last public domain release of Omen Technologiesrzszpackage, and is now free softwareand released under the GNU General Public Licence. Features of lrzsz very portable, automagically configured with GNU autoconf. crash recovery. up to 8KB block sizes (ZMODEM8K). internationalized (using GNU gettext).

Is rzsz under the GPL?

This package contains NO code from later releases of rzsz which would preclude it from being released under the GPL. It has been heavily modified by me and others. Please note that credit should be given to Chuck Forsberg (rzsz) and Stephen Satchell/Satchell Evaluations (crc routines) for this package.

What’s new in LRZ and LRB?

lrx and lrb (aka lsz –x/ymodem) now default to 128 byte block length (to fix interoperatability problems with some Xmodems [USR courier flash upload]). lrz didn’t recognize every short option. minor performance tweaks. replace mktime() if needed. updated to autoconf 2.12. Version 0.12.11 – October 1996

How do I subscribe to lrzszbug?

To subscribe send a mail to . I prefer to get bug reports sent using the `lrzszbug’ shell script which you can find in the `src’ subdirectory (this script is not installed together with the programs because i don’t expect many bug reports).