What is SAP channel Management?

What is SAP channel Management?

Partner Channel Management (PCM) allows you to manage partner relationships to optimize channel operations for sales and service related processes. To achieve this, you can onboard partners and provision access to the SAP Cloud for Customer for the partner contacts.

What is SAP channel partner?

SAP channel partners work in conjunction with SAP to resell its products and services, often with customizations specific to each individual buyer. In addition to the value-added reselling of these tools, many SAP channel partners also offer implementation services.

What is partner channel management?

A partner channel refers to the use of third parties to promote your business and increase profits through indirect sales. Partner types can include affiliates, other brands, distributors, or entities that take a commission for every sale they drive to your site.

Which business roles are used in PCM?

PCM includes following roles:

  • The channel manager portal enables your organization to:
  • manage partner relationships.
  • collaborate with channel partners.
  • optimize channel operations.
  • Channel Manager Role:
  • used by brand owner employees.
  • has access to the Channel Manager Portal.

What is SAP CRM solution?

Boost revenue with a modern CRM solution SAP Customer Experience is an integrated suite of industry-leading cloud solutions for customer data, CRM marketing, sales CRM, service, and e-commerce that enables you to build better CX, customer service, and customer relationships – while growing the bottom line.

How do I become a Successfactor partner?

Take a Test Drive You can take SAP for a partnership test-drive simply by becoming an “open ecosystem” partner. This is an entry point to our SAP PartnerEdge program and allows you to access and explore a limited amount of enablement, product content, and program information without any risk or cost.

What are channel management strategies?

Channel management strategies bring together partners in a supply chain, including material suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and resellers, in an effort to lower costs and increase operational efficiency throughout the chain.

What is SAP CRM called?

SAP Customer Relationship Management is known as integrated customer relationship management module by SAP that helps any organization to achieve their business goals and allows them to perform all Customer Relationship tasks efficiently.