What is super effective against Steelix?

What is super effective against Steelix?

Every Mega Steelix Weakness In Pokemon GO There are only four types of attacks that are extremely effective against Mega Steelix, which are Fire, Water, Fighting, and Ground. The two types you are going to want to especially avoid using are Poison and Electric, as Mega Steelix is especially resistant to them.

What is Steelix weak against?


What Pokemon is good against Steelix in sword?

Steelix is a Steel and Ground Type pokemon. This will cause it to take More Damage from Fighting, Ground, Fire, Water Type Moves and will take Less Damage from Normal, Flying, Bug, Steel, Psychic, Dragon, Fairy, Poison, Electric, Rock type moves.

What is good against infernape?

The best Pokemon Go Infernape counters are Shadow Mewtwo, Mewtwo, Shadow Moltres, Hoopa – Unbound, Shadow Alakazam & Shadow Ho-Oh.

What is good against Medicham?

The best Pokemon Go Medicham counters are Mega Gengar, Shadow Moltres, Shadow Mewtwo, Mega Pidgeot, Shadow Honchkrow & Shadow Ho-Oh.

What’s super effective against psychic?

Pokémon strengths and weaknesses

Psychic Fighting, Poison Bug, Dark, Ghost
Rock Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, Water
Steel Fairy, Ice, Rock Fighting, Fire, Ground

What is super effective against infernape?

Infernape is a fighting and fire type Pokémon. fighting type pokémons are strong against normal, ice, rock, steel pokémons but weak against poison, flying, psychic, bug, fairy pokémons.

What should I use against alakazam?

Alakazam is a Psychic type Pokémon, which makes it weak against Bug, Ghost and Dark moves….The 5 strongest Pokémon you can use to beat Alakazam are:

  1. Chandelure,
  2. Gengar,
  3. Gengar (Costume 2020),
  4. Dragapult,
  5. Darkrai.

What’s super effective against fighting?

Similarly, ground attacks are strong against poison types….Pokemon Type Chart.

Type Super Effective Against Weak To
Fighting Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel Fairy, Flying, Psychic
Poison Fairy, Grass Ground, Psychic
Electric Flying, Water Ground
Ground Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel Grass, Ice, Water