What is the area code for Cotabato?

Cotabato ZIP Code

What is the area code for Cotabato?

Cotabato ZIP Code

Location ZIP Code Phone Area Code
Pres. Roxas 9405 64
Tulunan 9403 65
South Cotabato
Banga 9511 83

What region is Midsayap Cotabato?


Region Soccsksargen
Province Cotabato
District 1st district
Founded November 25, 1936

What is Cotabato City Zip Code?

Cotabato City Postcode: 9600 (Number of Postcodes: 1 items).

What is the zip code of Libungan?


ZIP code 9411
PSGC 124705000
IDD : area code +63 (0)64
Native languages Hiligaynon Cebuano Maguindanao Ilianen Tagalog

What is the postal code of Midsayap?

North Cotabato ZIP Codes, Postal Codes, and Phone Area Codes

Location ZIP Code/Postal Code Phone Area Code
Midsayap 9410 64
M’lang 9402 64
Pigkawayan 9412 64
Pikit 9409 64

Which province is Cotabato City?

Cotabato City

Cotabato City Kutawatu كوتاوات
Region Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao
Province Maguindanao (geographically only)
District 1st district of Maguindanao shared with Cotabato City
During Manobo period 13th century

How many barangays are there in Midsayap?

Midsayap is a municipality in the landlocked province of Cotabato. The municipality has a land area of 290.42 square kilometers or 112.13 square miles which constitutes 3.12% of Cotabato’s total area….Contents.

Type municipality
Province Cotabato
Barangay count 57
Postal code 9410

What is Midsayap known for?

Today, Midsayap is a fast developing growth center of the province and has outgrown its original districts – Dulawan and Pikit. It is now a center for commerce, trade and industry and considered as the educational and transport hub of the adjacent municipalities of Pigcawayan, Alamada, Libungan, Aleosan and even Pikit.

What is the postal code of Midsayap North Cotabato?

How many barangay are there in Midsayap?

What region is North Cotabato?

Region XII
Cotabato Province. The Province of (North) Cotabato lies on the eastern part of Region XII and is strategically located in the central part of Mindanao.

Is Cotabato part of Davao?

Cotabato stretches from the east at Mount Apo, which separates it from Davao, to the Piapayungan Range on its boundary with Lanao in the west.