What is the capital for all 50 states?

list of state capitals in the United States

What is the capital for all 50 states?

list of state capitals in the United States

state capital population of capital: census
Alabama Montgomery (2020) 200,603
Alaska Juneau (2010) 31,275
Arizona Phoenix (2020) 1,608,139
Arkansas Little Rock (2020) 202,591

What are the US state capitals in alphabetical order?

50 States and Capitals Alphabetically by Capital

  • Albany – New York States and capitals alphabetized by capital Source.
  • Annapolis – Maryland.
  • Atlanta – Georgia.
  • Augusta – Maine.
  • Austin – Texas.
  • Baton Rouge – Louisiana.
  • Bismarck – North Dakota.
  • Boise – Idaho.

What state capital is first in alphabetical order?

The Capital of the United States is Washington, D.C. which was declared on July 16, 1790. The United States of America has 50 States, Delaware is the first recognized state on Dec 7, 1787, and Hawaii was the last recognized state on Aug 21, 1959….List Of US States And Their Capitals.

No. 1
State Alabama
Capital Montgomery
Abrv. AL

How many states and capitals are there?

India has a total of 28 states and 8 union territories. The 28 Indian States and their capitals are as follows.

What are the states in order?

The United States in Order of Statehood

Order State Date Admitted
1 Delaware 1787-12-7
2 Pennsylvania 1787-12-12
3 New Jersey 1787-12-18
4 Georgia 1788-1-2

What are the first 10 states in alphabetical order?

Terms in this set (10)

  • Alabama. Montgomery.
  • Alaska. Juneau.
  • Arizona. Pheonix.
  • Arkansas. Little Rock.
  • California. Sacramento.
  • Colorado. Denver.
  • Connecticut. Hartford.
  • Delaware. Dover.

Which are the 29 states of India in order?

There are 29 states and seven Union territories in the country. Let’s take a look at the states and their capitals.

  • Andhra Pradesh – Amravati. Amravati city plan. (
  • Arunachal Pradesh – Itanagar.
  • Assam – Dispur.
  • Bihar – Patna.
  • Chhattisgarh – Atal Nagar (Naya Raipur)
  • Goa – Panaji.
  • Gujarat – Gandhinagar.
  • Haryana – Chandigarh.

How many state capitals include their states names?

|Alabama. Verdict: Bad decision.

  • |California. Verdict: Bad decision.
  • |Connecticut. Verdict: Good decision.
  • |Delaware. Verdict: Bad decision.
  • |Georgia. Verdict: Good decision.
  • |Illinois. Verdict: Bad decision.
  • |Indiana. Verdict: Good decision.
  • |Iowa. Verdict: Good decision.
  • |Louisiana. Verdict: Good decision.
  • What are the names of all the state capitals?

    the fifty states and capitals list Upvote11Downvote1ShareAnswer itU.S. State Capitals ListAlabama Montgomery.Alaska Juneau.Arizona Phoenix.Arkansas Little Rock.California Sacramento.Colorado Denver.Connecticut Hartford.Delaware Dover. Herein, what are the names states There are…

    Can you name all 50 state capitals?

    Can You Correctly Name All 50 State Capitals? WORLD By: Olivia Cantor. 5 Min Quiz Image: Shutterstock About This Quiz. The United States of America is made up of several states that run their own systems of governance, but of course, there is an overall governing body for the entire country as well. With a country as big as that, this kind of

    What are the 50 state capitals in the US?

    US State: State Capital: US State: State Capital: Alabama: Montgomery: Montana: Helena: Alaska: Juneau: Nebraska: Lincoln: Arizona: Phoenix: Nevada: Carson City: Arkansas: Little Rock: New Hampshire: Concord: California: Sacramento: New Jersey: Trenton: Colorado: Denver: New Mexico: Santa Fe: Connecticut: Hartford: New York: Albany: Delaware: Dover: North Carolina: Raleigh: Florida: Tallahassee: North Dakota: Bismarck: Georgia