What is the composition of inlay wax?

What is the composition of inlay wax?

The essential ingredients of a successful inlay wax are paraffin wax, gum dammar and car- nauba wax with some coloring material. Paraffin wax is generally the main ingredient, usually in a concentration of 40-60%. Gum dammar is added to the paraffin to improve the smoothness in the molding.

What is inlay wax used for?

Inlay wax—A specialized dental wax that can be applied to dies to form direct or indirect patterns for the lost-wax technique, which is used for the casting of metals or hot pressing of ceramics.

What are processing wax?

Processing wax in dentistry refers to products used in making castings or during soldering. There are several types of processing waxes including boxing, sticky and utility waxes. Sticky wax: extremely sticky when melted and it adheres well to metals and ceramic materials.

What is the use of synthetic wax in dentistry?

The dental waxes are used in many dental procedures such as wax patterns for inlays, crowns, pontics complete dentures and partial dentures. They are also very useful in recording bite impressions and edentulous areas of the oral cavity.

What are the types of inlays?

There are two types of inlays and onlays: direct and indirect. Direct inlays and onlays are made by the dentist within the setting of a dental office. This is an easy process for the patient to partake in, as the inlays and onlays are placed in one visit.

Which wax by products are derived from plants?

carnauba wax
Typical plant waxes include candelilla wax, carnauba wax, rice bran wax as well as sunflower wax, etc. Candelilla wax is mainly obtained from the leaves of plant E.

What is blue inlay wax?

Blue inlay casting wax is a superior wax for build-up that softens in hot water and can be carved easily to produce excellent results.

Why is wax pattern important?

The accuracy of wax pattern is of major importance for obtaining a well fitting casting. However, dental waxes have greater co-efficient of thermal expansion, which may be a major contributing factor to the inaccuracy of the final restoration.

What is sprue wax?

Home / Foundry Supplies / Wax Sprues. These are wax lengths for bronze casting that come cored or solid, and red (standard) or green (harder). For creating the gating system to use with the los wax method.

Will dental wax stick to dentures?

Any metal framework, such as loose wires in braces or partial dentures, can be covered with dental wax until you see us to have the problem fixed. You can also, as noted, cover a jagged tooth, or one that is cracked and broken, with the wax.