What is the difference between Quell and a TENS unit?

What is the difference between Quell and a TENS unit?

Quell is technically a TENS unit, however it is up to 10 times more powerful than many over-the-counter TENS units. This is based on the design of Quell and its ability to be work continuously (even overnight). TENS units require the user to affix sticky electrodes on the skin directly on the pain affected area.

How do you deal with chronic nerve pain?

In this Article

  1. Learn deep breathing or meditation to help you relax.
  2. Reduce stress in your life.
  3. Boost chronic pain relief with the natural endorphins from exercise.
  4. Cut back on alcohol, which can worsen sleep problems.
  5. Join a support group.
  6. Don’t smoke.
  7. Track your pain level and activities every day.

How long do quell electrodes last?

With proper care, a single Quell Electrode should last up to two weeks, even if the hydrogel pads may show signs of wear during normal use including spreading, peeling and fading around the edges.

How much is quell pain relief?

Quell stands out as one of the only FDA cleared non-drug therapies for chronic pain relief, eliminating many of the side effects that come with common pain medications. Quell is available for purchase online here at $249 for the device “starter kit,” followed by $30 for each month’s worth of supplies.

Where should you not use a TENS machine?

Never place the pads over:

  1. the front or sides of your neck.
  2. your temples.
  3. your mouth or eyes.
  4. your chest and upper back at the same time.
  5. irritated, infected or broken skin.
  6. varicose veins.
  7. numb areas.

How does the quell relief work?

The device adjusts itself automatically to the user’s levels of pain. You can control the Quell 2.0 product through an app on your phone. This allows you to track your activity level, pain, and sleep, as well as vary the pain control setting. Who is the Manufacturer of Quell Relief?

What is the quell app?

The most advanced Quell technology. Smarter, more powerful and 50% smaller. The Quell app provides personalized recommendations and guided setup. Smartphone Required. The Quell app provides personalized recommendations and guided setup.

How do I calibrate my quell relief?

The first time you use Quell Relief, you must go through a calibration process. Sit down and place your feet flat on the floor and your legs at a 90-degree angle. Hold the button and let go when you see the lights.

How much does the quell band cost?

If you want a 3-pack, the cost for both is $84.95, and the 4-pack costs $99.95. There are also the extras you may want to purchase. A charger adapter will cost you $9.95, and so will a charger cable. The blue band and any of the standard bands are priced at $14.95. A colored band or a Quell travel case is $24.95.