What is the highest scoring mule deer?

B&C World’s Record – Typical Mule Deer

What is the highest scoring mule deer?

B&C World’s Record – Typical Mule Deer

  • SCORE: 226 4/8.
  • LOCATION: Dolores County, Colorado.
  • HUNTER: Doug Burris, Jr.
  • OWNER: Cabela’s, Inc.
  • DATE: 1972.

Where was the world record mule deer shot?

The SCI #1 typical Rocky Mountain Mule Deer was hunted by Max Johnson with a rifle in San Juan County, Utah in October of 1968. This magnificent buck was a 5×5 and his main beams measured in excess of 27? & 29? respectively. He had a massive inside spread of 36 4/8? and scored 228 5/8?.

What is the most points a deer has ever had?

At the 22nd Big Game Awards Program in Dallas, Texas, the Boone and Crockett Club Judges’ Panel declared Hanson’s buck the new world’s record typical whitetail with a final score of 213-5/8 points.

How many deer does Antelope Island have?

Antelope Island is known for its genetically “pure” herd of about 700 bison, but is also home to about 130 bighorn sheep and about 500 buck mule deer — many of which are world class and the main reason the permit sells for so much.

What state has the biggest mule deer bucks?

Colorado: Colorado is king no matter how you slice the data. It puts out the most and biggest record mule deer bucks of any state in the country.

How big is the largest mule?

The tallest mule ever was Apollo who measured 19 hands (1.96 m, 77 in) and was owned by Herbert L. Mueller of Chicago, Illinois, USA.

What state has the highest mule deer population?

Colorado is widely regarded as the nation’s top mule deer destination. Due to extremely good mule deer habitat with plenty of food and sound management practices by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the state has the largest mule deer population in the country.

How much is a mule deer tag on Antelope Island?

285,000.00USD+ (8,550.00) buyer’s premium + applicable fees & taxes.

How much is a Antelope Island tag?

Resident bison $413.00
Resident Antelope Island bison $1,110.00
Nonresident bison (includes 365-day fishing license) $2,200.00
Nonresident Antelope Island bison (includes 365-day fishing license) $2,615.00

What is the biggest mule deer ever recorded?

This is the biggest mule deer scored as a typical entry in any record book. It edges the biggest typical mule deer in the Boone & Crockett record book, a 226 4/8″ monster taken by Doug Burris in 1972, by just over 2″.

Who is the best Mule Deer Hunter in Idaho?

Mule Deer fanatics will recognize the name J. Lary Barr. Barr has taken a number of exceptional mule deer and this southeastern Idaho beast is his best. Mule deer fanatics will also likely recognize the Taylor Brothers (Ridge and Cash). The duo known for finding world-class muley bucks were guiding Barr when the deer was taken.

Is there a photo of this huge Rocky Mountain mule?

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a photo of this gigantic deer anywhere. For that reason, the photo displayed is actually of the current #2 non-typical Rocky Mountain Mule deer in the SCI record book.

How many different types of mule deer are there?

Safari Club International recognizes two North American sub-species of mule deer: Rocky Mountain Mule Deer and Desert Mule Deer. Both species may be scored as a typical or a non-typical mule deer entry. Below we’ve listed the biggest mule deer hunting accomplishments in each category.