What is the most listened to radio station in Sydney?

What is the most listened to radio station in Sydney?

2GB tops year’s final radio ratings After Tuesday’s results, 2GB (owned by Nine, the owner of this masthead) remains Sydney’s number one radio station with an overall audience share of 14.5 per cent (down 1.2 points). It leads ABC Sydney (9.4 per cent; down 2.9 points) and WSFM (8.8 per cent; up 0.7 points).

How many radio stations are there in Sydney?

Listen to 75 radio stations in Sydney online.

What is Triple J in NSW?

Triple J (stylised in all lowercase) is a government-funded, national Australian radio station intended to appeal to listeners of alternative music, which began broadcasting in January 1975. The station also places a greater emphasis on broadcasting Australian content compared to commercial stations.

Is there a radio station that plays relaxing music?

Classical KING FM is your calm in the storm. You can depend on our great music every day of the year. No stress, no politics, just your favorite music. We are sure you won’t be surprised to hear that research shows this music is an effective aide in helping improve sleep patterns and reduce stress.

What are the latest radio ratings in Sydney?

Radio Ratings: The final numbers are here!

  • SYDNEY: #1 FM Overall: WSFM (8.8%) #1 AM Overall: 2GB (14.5%) #1 FM Breakfast: KIIS’ Kyle & Jackie O (10.8%)
  • MELBOURNE: #1 FM Overall: GOLD (10.2%) #1 AM Overall: 3AW (16.6%)
  • BRISBANE: #1 FM Overall: 97.3FM (11.2%)* #1 AM Overall: 4KQ (10.6%)

What type of stations are popular in Australia?

‘ we’re always number one. “Our cumes are as high as they’ve ever been and getting record highs. NOVA 96.9 is the most listened to station in Australia 974,000 cumes. And NOVA 100 is the second most listened to station in Australia with 944,000 cumes,” he says.

Is ABC Sydney on FM?

ABC Radio Sydney (official call sign: 2BL, formerly 2SB) is an ABC radio station in Sydney, Australia. It is the flagship station in the ABC Local Radio network and broadcasts on 702 kHz on the AM dial….ABC Radio Sydney.

Website www.abc.net.au/radio/sydney/

What FM frequency is ABC Radio Sydney?

Appendix 12 – Radio transmission frequencies

ABC Radio
State Area Served Frequency
NSW Walcha 88.5
NSW Walgett 105.9
NSW Wilcannia 1584

What band is JJJ?

Triple J is a national Australian radio station owned by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. This government-funded station began broadcasting in January 1975 as 2JJ, at 1540 kHz, on the AM band….Schedule.

Time Program
9 p.m. – midnight Mix Up

What station is Hottest 100 on?

ABC Triple J

Triple J Hottest 100
First awarded March 5, 1989 (as Hot 100)
Website ABC Triple J Hottest 100
Television/radio coverage
Network Triple J (1989–present)

Is calm and calm radio the same?

It has a slightly different description but the same icon. Also, there is a new syntax to enable the Calm app. Old syntax was ‘Open Calm Radio’ and you would be prompted for a channel.

Is Calm radio any good?

Top positive review You can enjoy Calm somewhat without a subscription but it’s worth the price. While setting up today I sent several questions to their tech support – on a Sunday – and got prompt replies from the boss. I also have a Grace Solo internet radio from Amazon and needed assistance setting that up.