What is the name of Lahore canal?

What is the name of Lahore canal?

Lahore Canal (Urdu/Punjabi: لاہور نہر) begins at the Bambawali-Ravi-Bedian (BRB) Canal that runs through the east of the city of Lahore, Punjab in Pakistan. The 37 miles (60 km) long waterway was initially built by the Mughals.

What was Lahore before?

Icchra Lahore
Tradition points the site of old Lahore to the vicinity of Ichhra – which is now a part of Lahore City – but was back then a village about three miles to the west. The name of the village was formerly Icchra Lahore.

Which name Lahore is famous?

The last great Moghul Emperor, Aurangzeb (1838 – 1707) built Lahore’s most famous monument, the great Badshahi Mosque. At that time the river Ravi, which now lies a few miles away from Lahore, touched the ramparts of the Fort and the Mosque….

Lahore Through The Ages
1857~1947 AD British rule
1947 AD Creation of Pakistan

What is the old name of Attock?

The city was initially named Campbellpore, also spelt Campbellpur, in 1908 in honour of Sir Colin Campbell. The name was changed to Attock in 1978, its original name, which literally means “Foot of the Mountain.”

What does BRB canal stand for?

Bambanwala-Ravi-Bedian Canal
Bambanwala-Ravi-Bedian Canal (BRB Canal), also called Ichogil Canal, is a manmade waterway in Pakistan that takes off from the Upper Chenab Canal near the Bambanwala village (to the west of Daska), runs southeast until reaching close to the India-Pakistan border and then runs south parallel to the border.

Which is the largest canal of Pakistan?

Nara Canal
Nara Canal, important water channel in Sindh province, Pakistan, the longest canal in the country. From its source above Rohri, it runs southward and discharges into the Puran River, an old channel of the Indus River, which flows to the sea farther south through the Rann of Kutch.