What is the strongest star in the universe?


What is the strongest star in the universe?


How do we detect black holes?

Black holes are detected as surrounding material (like gas) is funnelled by the force of gravity into a disk around the black hole. The gas molecules in the disk swirl around the black hole so fast that they heat up and emit X-rays. These X-rays can be detected from Earth.

Could an asteroid hit the sun?

No asteroids have ever been observed to hit the Sun, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t! Asteroids are normally content to stay in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, but occasionally something nudges them out of their original orbits, and they come careening into the inner solar system.

Can we see Mars from Earth today?

NASA’s Mars 2020 mission, with its Perseverance rover, is currently en route to the Red Planet, with a landing scheduled for Feb. 18, 2021….When does Mars Close Approach Occur?

2001 Mars Odyssey
2018 InSight
2020 Mars 2020
2022 Mars Sample Return

Has Blackhole been detected?

Published today in the journal Science, the research shows the system known as Cygnus X-1 contains the most massive stellar-mass black hole ever detected without the use of gravitational waves. Cygnus X-1 is one of the closest black holes to Earth.

Which planet we can see from Earth with naked eyes?


Is the sun going to sleep in 2020?

The Earth is soon expected to hit a ‘Mini Ice Age’ as a ‘solar minimum’ is soon going to put sun to hibernation. These scientists claimed that the planet Earth will hit an ice-age period for 30 years in 2020, as the Sun will reach a Solar Minimum, sleeping for a period of three decades.

What is the first star out at night?

The first star-like object to become visible after sunset these days is no star. It’s the planet Venus. Venus is in the west and so bright you can see it easily before it’s completely dark. Probably the first star you’ll notice this time of year as the sky darkens is Arcturus.

Can you pull something out of a black hole?

Astronomers have found that the magnetic field strengths near supermassive black holes can be as strong as their intense gravitational fields. In fact, these magnetic fields are able to expel material from the vicinity of the black hole to form highly energetic outflows called ‘jets’.

Are black holes magnetic?

The magnetism results from the hot gas circling the black hole. As the charged gas particles rotate, they strengthen the magnetic field. But the researchers found that not all of the magnetic field simply rotates with the spiralling gas.

Can you see a black hole from Earth?

You can ‘see’ the closest known black hole to Earth with the naked eye. There is a black hole in our backyard. Astronomers have found the closest black hole yet at just 1000 light years from Earth, close enough to see the stars that orbit it without a telescope.

Which planet is visible from Earth today?

Visible tonight, Apr 6 – Apr 7, 2021

Mercury: From Wed 6:12 am
Venus: Until Tue 7:38 pm
Mars: Until Wed 12:46 am
Jupiter: From Wed 4:26 am
Saturn: From Wed 3:51 am

Can a magnetar kill you?

Being massive, dense objects, they also have a very intense gravitational field that may well rip you apart before the EM fields get a chance. according to wikipedia they can be lethal at a range of about 1000km which is pretty crazy.

How big is a magnetar?

around 20 kilometres