What is ygbsm?

What is ygbsm?

The term is associated with Wild Weasel pilots who flew F-105s, F-4Gs, and currently F-16s. Currently, the term is used as an exclamation of shock or disbelief. “Hey, dude, I heard there was another hurricane headed towards NoLo”. “YGBSM!”.

What is origin and how do I install it?

Learn how to download and install Origin, update it, and make sure your computer meets the system requirements. What is Origin? Origin is an application for your PC or Mac. You can use it to download, manage, and play your games from anywhere.

What is origin?

What is Origin? A free platform packed with great PC games and features built to make your gaming experience even better.

How do I check origin’s minimum requirements to download games?

Make sure you check out Origin’s minimum requirements from the Download page of origin.com. You must meet these requirements before downloading Origin and playing our games. Every game has its own requirements to play, too. To find the minimum requirements for a specific game: In the Origin store, click on a game tile to learn more.