What kind of car did Parnelli Jones drive?

What kind of car did Parnelli Jones drive?

He is associated with the famous Boss 302 Mustang with his wins using the engine in the 1970s. Jones’ son P. J. Jones was also a diverse driver, with IndyCar and NASCAR starts and a championship in IMSA prototype sports cars….Parnelli Jones.

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How much did the Big Oly Bronco sell for?

Parnelli Jones’ Baja 1000-winning 1969 Ford Bronco “Big Oly” sold for $1.87 million at the Mecum Indianapolis auction last weekend. The final bid was $1.7 million, with a buyer’s fee accounting for the rest of the final sale price.

Who owns Big Oly?

Parnelli Jones, now 87 years old, is a Hall of Fame inductee in many, many genres of racing. Whoever lands the Big Oly Bronco, which is still owned by Jones, will own a piece of off-road racing history that influenced the next 50 year of desert racing.

How much did big ole sell for?

$1.87 million
UPDATE, 5/21/2021: Parnelli Jones’ “Big Oly” Bronco sold for $1.87 million at the Mecum’s Original Spring Classic Indy today. This sale price includes the fees added to the $1.7 million hammer price. This incredible sale price also makes this off-road racer the most-expensive Ford Bronco sold in public.

Who is the oldest current IndyCar driver?

Tony Kanaan is the oldest at 44. When Sato first arrived in IndyCar in 2010 following a long career as Honda’s driver in Formula One, he was fast, fearless and often reckless.

What is Big Oly?

It’s fondly known as “Big Oly”—one very special vehicle that has rightfully earned the moniker of the world’s most famous Ford Bronco—and it’s now slated to cross the Mecum auction block at Dana Mecum’s 34th Original Spring Classic this May 14-22 in Indianapolis.

How old is Parnelli Jones?

88 years (August 12, 1933)Parnelli Jones / Age

Who built Big Oly?

If every vehicle has a story, the 1969 Ford Bronco called “Big Oly” has a thousand of them. Raced by none other than Parnelli Jones and Bill Stroppe, this beast was named for sponsor Olympia Brewing Company and built to Jones’ specifications in Stroppe’s workshop.