What percentage of professors are white?

90 percent

What percentage of professors are white?

90 percent

Who was the first black American to obtain a postgraduate degree in physics?

from any American university, completing his dissertation in physics at Yale in 1876. On the basis of his academic record he was elected to the Phi Beta Kappa Society. In 1874, he had become one of the first African Americans to graduate from Yale College….Edward Bouchet.

Edward Alexander Bouchet
Occupation Physicist Professor

Who was the first African American to earn a doctorate?

Edward Alexander Bouchet

What percent of professors are black?

5 percent

Why we celebrate Black History Month for kids?

Black History Month was created to focus attention on the contributions of African Americans to the United States. It honors all Black people from all periods of U.S. history, from the enslaved people first brought over from Africa in the early 17th century to African Americans living in the United States today.

What percent of black students graduate from high school?

88% of Blacks Have a High School Diploma, 26% a Bachelor’s Degree. About 90% of the U.S. population has graduated high school, a dramatic improvement in educational attainment that began when compulsory education was adopted by every state a century ago.

What percentage of US college students are black?


What is the most educated race in the United States?

Asian Americans had the highest educational attainment of any race, followed by whites who had a higher percentage of high school graduates but a lower percentage of college graduates.

What percentage of the world is college educated?


How many black males graduate high school?

State High School Graduation Rates By Race, Ethnicity

State Total Black
Wyoming 79 66
California 78 66
Minnesota 78 51
New York 77 63

What was the first African American school?

Paul Laurence Dunbar High