What was FD interest rate in 2013?

What was FD interest rate in 2013?

Table 74 : Structure of Interest Rates

(Per cent per annum)
Year (as at end March) Call/ Notice Money Rates Deposit Rates*
2011-12 8.22 4.00
2012-13 8.09 4.00
2013-14 8.28 4.00

Which bank gives the highest rate of interest on FD in Malaysia?

The highest interest rate recorded in this month’s round-up is 2.20% (Bank Rakyat; 12-month FD), whereas the lowest stood at 1.60% (AmBank; 1-month FD)….Monthly Update.

Bank Name Maybank
Product Name Maybank Fixed Deposit
Minimum Deposit RM1,000
Interest/Profit Rate 1.70%
Profit on RM10,000 RM42.50

What was the bank rate in 2012?

Starting at 5.75 per cent in July 2007, rates had fallen to 0.5 per cent by March 2009, with a further fall to 0.25 per cent in August 2016….Bank of England base rate 1979-2017.

Bank rate at year end (%)*
2010 0.5
2011 0.5
2012 0.5
2013 0.5

What were interest rates in 2011?

The average interest rate on conventional, 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage loans of $417,000 or less decreased 10 basis points to 4.69 percent in July. These rates are calculated from the FHFA’s Monthly Interest Rate Survey of purchase-money mortgages (see technical note).

What is the best FD rate in Malaysia?

Fixed Deposit Rate in Malaysia 2022

Fixed Deposits FD Rates Minimum Deposit
CIMB 1.50% – 2.10% p.a. RM1,000
Bank of Nova Scotia 1.70% – 1.85% p.a. RM1,000
Public Bank 1.50% – 1.85% p.a. RM1,000
RHB Islamic Bank 1.50% – 1.85% p.a.

What is the current FD rate in Malaysia?

Interest rate: 7.88% p.a. & 13.88 p.a.