What was the MLB league minimum in 1989?


What was the MLB league minimum in 1989?


MLB Minimum Wage Data
1988 $62,500
1989 $68,000
1990 $100,000
1991 $100,000

What brave led the National league in on base percentage in 1989?

Lonnie Smith
1989 National League Player Review

1989 National League Player Review Hitting Statistics League Leaderboard
Statistic Name(s) Top 25
Home Runs Kevin Mitchell Top 25
On Base Percentage Lonnie Smith Top 25
RBI Kevin Mitchell Top 25

Who is the best baseball player in 1989?

Barry Larkin
MLB Season History – 1989

1. Barry Larkin .342
2. Kirby Puckett .339
3. Carney Lansford .336
4. Tony Gwynn .336

What percentage of MLB players make the league minimum?

The Associated Press reports 62 percent of players on 2021 Opening Day rosters had salaries under $1 million, and 32 percent had salaries under $600,000. A third of the league made something close to the minimum in 2021. The average MLB salary was $4.17 million in 2021, though averages can be deceiving.

Did Charlie Sheen play professional baseball?

On the Vikings baseball team, he was a star shortstop and pitcher. His lifetime record as a pitcher was 40-15. His interest and skill in baseball would later influence some of his movie roles.

Did Wesley Snipes ever play baseball?

According to David S. Ward, Wesley Snipes was not a very skilled baseball player in real life, never having played much of it before. Ward said Snipes was so awful at throwing a baseball that they did not have any scenes of him throwing a ball.

Who hit the most home runs in 1987?

Andre Dawson
MLB Season History – 1987

1. Andre Dawson 49
2. Mark McGwire 49
3. George A. Bell 47
4. Dale Murphy 44

Who hit the most homeruns in 1988?

Jose Canseco
MLB Season History – 1988

1. Jose Canseco 42
2. Darryl Strawberry 39
3. Fred McGriff 34
4. Mark McGwire 32

Who is the lowest paid MLB team?

The Cleveland Guardians
The Cleveland Guardians have the lowest payroll in the MLB at $29.1 million, only approximately $300,000 below the Baltimore Orioles. Both teams have a lower team payroll than 15 MLB players.

What is the lowest paid baseball player?

The lowest paid MLB players were Andrew Parrino, Stephen Tarpley and Magneuris Sierra, who made $563,500.