What was the price of iPhone 6 in 2016?

What was the price of iPhone 6 in 2016?

The pricing we received from Apple partners is Rs 53,500 for 16GB iPhone 6, Rs 62,500 for 64GB variant and Rs 71,500 for 128GB storage. For the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, the 16GB version is for Rs 62,500, 64GB for Rs 71,500 and the 128GB variant for Rs 80,500.

How much did the iPhone 6 cost when it was released?

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were officially unveiled during a press event at the Flint Center for Performing Arts in Cupertino, California on September 9, 2014, and released on September 19, 2014; pre-orders began on September 12, 2014, with the iPhone 6 starting at US$649 and the iPhone 6 Plus starting at US$749.

What is the latest version of iPhone 6?

iOS 12 is the most recent version of iOS that the iPhone 6 can run.

Which iPhone 6 is the best for You?

The iPhone 12 Pro is best for those who want the best camera on an iPhone,but in a compact size.

  • The iPhone 12 Pro Max is for avid photographers that want a giant screen with longer battery life.
  • The iPhone 12 Mini is for those who just want a compact,modern iPhone and don’t mind sacrificing battery life.
  • Which iPhone 6 should I buy?

    They are available in five different shades- Blue, Starlight, Red, Midnight and Pink in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. If you like smaller phones, the iPhone 13 at 6.1-inch is the right one for you. With a brighter display, better battery life, extended storage and cut-rate camera, 13 could turn into your lucky number.

    How much does an iPhone 6 really cost?

    iPhone: How to squeeze more life out of your draining battery. Apple says the price of the iPhone 6 is either $199, $299, or $399. It’s right there on their website.

    What is the cheapest iPhone 6?

    Cheapest iPhone 6 Plans in 2022 Compare cheap prepaid plans for iPhone 6. Prepaid iPhone plan. 1GB 4G/5G data. $10 per month. Powered by: See Deal. Family iPhone plan. 5GB 4G/5G data. $15 per month. Powered by: See Deal. Free Starter Kit with code: MSPUSM. Unlimited iPhone plan. Unlimited 4G/5G data. $30 * per month.