What were The Sopranos eating at the diner?

What were The Sopranos eating at the diner?

One by one, the other members of his immediate family arrive – except for Meadow – and they start to eat onion rings and indulge in small talk. Meadow’s a bit late, and seems to be having trouble parking her car. Just as Meadow reaches the diner’s door and pushes it open, Tony looks up and… blackness.

What was the name of the restaurant in the last scene of sopranos?

The show’s closing scene took place with Tony Soprano & his family eating dinner at Holsten’s, a luncheonette/diner where the tableside jukebox was blaring Journey’s, err, classic “Don’t Stop Believing.” Off the Broiler just ran a feature on the real Holsten’s and we have to say: those onion rings look great.

What is Tony Soprano eating at the end?

They’re at a diner, surrounded by about a dozen or so patrons—including one especially sketchy-looking character. “Don’t Stop Believin'” blares in the background while the crew eats from a bowl of onion rings. Suddenly, as Meadow is about to walk in, Tony looks up, and… cut to black. End of show.

What did Sopranos ending mean?

In the famous “Made in America” episode, Tony was in a diner with his family as the camera periodically showed his POV, waiting for his daughter Meadow to arrive; an unknown man sitting at the counter then heads to the bathroom, ending up behind Tony — suggesting he killed Tony with a shot to the head, and the dramatic …

Is Holstens a real place?

In real life, this location is known as: Holsten’s, Bloomfield.

Why does Charmaine tell Carmela she slept with Tony?

After the party, Charmaine reveals something to Carmela: She slept with Tony way back when they were first dating. And Charmaine made it clear that she wasn’t interested in a guy like Tony, no matter how much money he had. Charmaine had her harsh side when dealing with Artie as well.

Who played Amy in Season Two of The Sopranos?

Alicia Witt: Amy Safir Photos (4)