Where are City of London Police based?

Where are City of London Police based?

the Guildhall
The headquarters is located at the Guildhall and there are two additional stations at Bishopsgate and Wood Street. The City of London Police is the smallest territorial police force in England and Wales, both in terms of geographic area and head-count….

City of London Police
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Why does the City of London have a separate police force?

When Sir Robert Peel established the Metropolitan Police in 1829 The City of London resisted his attempts to consolidate the policing of The City and greater London with one force. Instead, the City chose to continue with traditional Constables to enforce the law in the one square mile.

Who is the highest ranking police officer in the UK?

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police
The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police is often considered to be the highest police rank within the United Kingdom, although in reality every chief constable and the two commissioners are supreme over their own forces and are not answerable to any other officer.

How much do City of London Police earn?

How much does a Police Officer at City of London Police make? The typical City of London Police Police Officer salary is £39,957 per year. Police Officer salaries at City of London Police can range from £25,481 – £53,039 per year.

What happened to Wood Street police station?

The City of London Corporation has completed the sale of Wood Street Police Station. The Grade II* Listed building has been sold to Wood Street Hotel Ltd (wholly owned by Magnificent Hotels) after it was declared surplus to operational requirements by the City of London Police.

Where is the police headquarters in London?

Name: City Of London Police Headquarters. Address: 37 Wood St. Postcode/City: EC2P 2NQ London. County: Greater London England. Phone: 020 7601 2222.

Why choose the city of London Police?

The world’s leading business and financial centre demands a bespoke police force, which is equipped to protect and support this unique environment, and to meet head-on the policing challenges it represents. This force is the City of London Police.

What are the plans for the city of London Corporation?

Meanwhile, the City of London Corporation is working to develop ambitious plans to build a new flagship combined courts facility and state-of-the-art headquarters for the City of London Police at Fleet Street to better serve the needs of a modern, busy city.