Where did the lug sail spread to?

Where did the lug sail spread to?

A lugger is a sailing vessel defined by its rig, using the lug sail on all of its one or several masts. They were widely used as working craft, particularly off the coasts of France, England, Ireland and Scotland.

What is a lug rigged sailboat?

Sailors have been using Lug Rigs for centuries because of their unique sailing abilities. The lug combines the efficiency of a square sail, when running before the wind with the windward ability of a fore and aft rig.

Where did lug sail technology originated?

The lugsail was extensively used in the Bay of Biscay and thereabouts, and experts say that it originated on the Basque coast. This rig never took hold among deep-sea ships, yet was used almost exclusively among smaller vessels, at least from the sixteenth century on.

Where did balance lug sails originate?

Today, the batten lug is found almost exclusively in East Asia, and found there in great numbers. Its prevalence in China, and its virtual absence elsewhere in the world, has given rise to the natural assumption that the batten lug sail must have been an innovation of strictly Chinese origin.

What is a dipping lug?

Definition of dipping lug : a lugsail in which the tack is made fast to the deck forward of the mast and the yardarm must be dipped and hoisted again on the other side of the mast in tacking.

What is a Welsford navigator?

J ohn Welsford’s Navigator is a 14 1/2′ centerboard beach cruiser and daysailer built in glued-lapstrake plywood. Welsford offers several rigs for this pretty little boat: Bermuda racing sloop, a lug yawl, and a gaff yawl.

What is a balance lugsail on a boat?

The balance lugsail, a rig featured in many of John’s small boats, is sheeted square to the hull to catch the following wind, and the boat is moving well and passes another lug-rigged boat, a Welsford-designed Saturday Night Special, on a parallel course.

How does the SEI compare to other Welsford boats?

Unlike other popular Welsford designs like Walkabout and Pathfinder, the Sei doesn’t use permanent stringers along each plank edge—the plank laps themselves produce adequate strength and stiffness, as well as a lighter boat.

How big is a lug sail boat?

The 76-sq-ft lug sail provides ample power for sailing in very light breezes. His research led him to southern Norway’s Hardangerfjord region, where small, beamy double-enders were used for inshore fishing and general transportation. Historical photos of these Hardangerfjord boats served as a starting point, but the Sei is a modern design.