Where is the B of the Bang now?

Where is the B of the Bang now?

B of the Bang
Year 2005–2009
Type Metal sculpture
Dimensions 56 m (184 ft)
Location Beswick, Manchester, England, United Kingdom

What happened to the B of the Bang sculpture?

The B of the Bang, which was sited near the City of Manchester Stadium, was dismantled in 2009 after being dogged by safety issues and legal problems. It had been commissioned to mark Manchester’s Commonwealth Games in 2002 but was officially unveiled in 2005.

Who said the B of the Bang?

sprinter Linford Christie
Taking its name from a quotation by British sprinter Linford Christie, in which he said that he started his races not merely at the “bang” of the starting pistol, but at “the B of the Bang”, B of the Bang B was a sculpture created by Thomas Heatherwick – often deemed one of Britain’s most significant designers – that …

What is B of the Bang by Thomas Heatherwick?

It was British sprinter Linford Christie who coined the phrase “B of the Bang”, that inspired artist Thomas Heatherwick. The sculpture was commissioned as a monument to the 2002 Commonwealth games An early computer-generated image of B of the Bang.

Where is the B of the Bang located?

B of the Bang was a sculpture in Manchester, England. It was next to the City of Manchester Stadium at Sportcity. The work was designed by Thomas Heatherwick.

What’s happened to B of the Bang?

Then Britain’s tallest sculpture, Thomas Heatherwick’s monument to the 2002 Commonwealth games, B of the Bang, was always designed to make headlines. Today’s announcement that it will be dismantled is a sad end to a project that consistently found itself on front pages for all the wrong reasons.

Who is the B of the Bang artist?

B of the Bang Artist Thomas Heatherwick Year 2005 ( 2005) –2009 ( 2009) Type Metal sculpture Dimensions 56 m (184 ft)