Where is the underground bunker in GTA?


Where is the underground bunker in GTA?


Bunker Location
Grand Senora Desert Bunker: Grand Senora Desert, past the west side of the Sandy Shores Airfield runway.
Smoke Tree Road Bunker: Grand Senora Desert, next to Smoke Tree Road and Nowhere Road.
Thomson Scrapyard Bunker: Grand Senora Desert, north-east side of Thomson Scrapyard.

What does an underground bunker do in GTA?

Bunkers form the foundation of the Gunrunning business in Rockstar’s online sandbox, allowing you steal firearms and redistribute them to the highest bidder. You can also use the Bunker to store vehicles, like the Mobile Operations Center.

What is the bunker on top of Mount chiliad?

The Mount Chiliad Launch Facility is a former secret U.S. nuclear launch facility in Grand Theft Auto Online, inside of Mount Chiliad in Blaine County, San Andreas.

How do you get into the underground garage in GTA 5?

Location. The Underground Garage’s entrance is located on the wall left of the main entrance inside the Vehicle Warehouse. A staircase will bring the player down a few levels, where they will be in a sewer like area, where the eight special vehicles from Warstock Cache & Carry can be stored.

Are bunkers worth it?

The verdict In terms of overall usefulness, the Bunker is arguably the better purchase for most players. While it is the more expensive option, its passive moneymaker and excellent research unlockables make it more useful than merely owning an Orbital Cannon and having access to the Doomsday Heist.

What is MT chiliad in real-life?

Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness Its real-life equivalent is the San Gorgonio Wilderness in the San Bernardino Mountains. It’s a rugged and inaccessible landscape, with dirt tracks and gravel roads being the closest thing it has to roads.

How do I buy a special car warehouse?

All Vehicle Warehouses are available to purchase through the SecuroServ Network on the main computer portal at the player’s Office.