Where is Tokerau Beach?

Where is Tokerau Beach?

Doubtless Bay
Tokerau Beach is located at the northern end of Doubtless Bay, approximately 28 km north of Kaitaia. The east facing shoreline of Tokerau North is approximately 4 km long. The site starts from Whatuwhiwhi headland in the north and extends south.

How long is Tokerau Beach?

Tokerau Beach is the longest beach on the Karikari Peninsula, with sand stretching for 18km along Doutbless Bay.

Where is Karikari beach?

Behind Karikari Beach, northeast of Rangaunu Harbour, is an extensive area of sand dunes wherein lies a significant wetland area, Waimango Swamp.

How long is Karikari beach?

950 metres long
The beach is 950 metres long and faces west southwest. Prominent Karekare Point and Panatahi Island form the southern boundary, while Farley Point juts out towards the southwest to form the northern boundary.

Is Coopers Beach safe for swimming?

Nice and Sandy and fairly flat so probably a fairly safe beach especially for kids. Situated between Mangonui and Cable Bay, Coopers Beach is a four hour drive north of Auckland.

Is Matai Bay Maori land?

Most residents of Maitai Bay are Māori. The Department of Conservation-run Maitai Bay Campground has closed each time there has been an outbreak of Covid-19 in New Zealand, and reopened each time it has been stamped out.

What does Karikari mean?

crisp (e.g. potato chip, fried fish, etc.) crunchy.

Is Coopers Beach a surf beach?

Surfing Coopers Beach: The best conditions reported for surf at Coopers Beach occur when a North-northeast swell combines with an offshore wind direction from the South-southeast.

Can you swim at Cable Bay?

The bay’s crystal clear water is gorgeous and rims a fine rock beach with some sandy patches; great for swimming, fishing, and kayaking, and at low tide it’s a great rock pooling spot where you’re likely to see starfish, sea slugs, crabs and other interesting sea life.

Why is Matai Bay campsite closed?

The community and Iwi view the Maitai Bay campground as a potential vector for Covid-19 and due to concerns for the wellbeing of the community, have therefore closed the campsite to the public until further notice.

Who owns Karikari Peninsula?

The Chinese parent company, Shanghai Cred, bought the massive Carrington Estate 2km down the road in 2013 for $28m and plan to turn it into New Zealand’s biggest tourist resort. It was preparing resource consent applications for the near $1bn project.

Is Coopers beach safe for swimming?