Where was perfect music video filmed one direction?

What is One Direction’s most viewed YouTube video?

Where was perfect music video filmed one direction?

the Intercontinental Hotel
The video, filmed in black and white, depicts how the band lives while on tour, and was filmed at the Intercontinental Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, New York City in early September 2015.

What is One Direction’s most viewed YouTube video?

One Direction’s 10 Best Music Videos (Ranked By YouTube Views)

  1. 1 What Makes You Beautiful (1.2 Billion Views)
  2. 2 Drag Me Down (949 Million Views)
  3. 3 Story Of My Life (898 Million Views)
  4. 4 Best Song Ever (725 Million Views)
  5. 5 One Thing (704 Million Views)
  6. 6 Live While We’re Young (685 Million Views)

When did perfect come out one direction?

2015Perfect / Released

Which song did Taylor Swift sing about Harry Styles?

In addition to “Style,” there’s also been speculation that “Out of the Woods,” which is on the same album, is also about Harry. Both songs are about turbulent relationships, and although ”Style” is named in a fairly transparent matter, the idea that both songs are about Harry is still just speculation.

Who is the girl in one direction Perfect video?

It was Dana. Our Dana. Because it’s not every day you know One Direction’s latest video girl, we begged her to tell us everything and because she’s the sweetest, she agreed. The shoot took place in Manhattan on September 11, and she got a head’s up from the boys’ publicist (and her close pal) just a few weeks prior.

Who wrote infinity one direction?

One Direction
Julian BunettaJohn RyanJamie Scott

Is Ed Sheeran’s wife in Perfect video?

Ed Sheeran ‘s beloved wife Cherry Seaborn has made her very first cameo in the music video for his new single First Times. The blonde beauty, who shares daughter Lyra Antartica, with the Bad Habits singer, 30, cosies up to her husband in the sweet video.