Which companies are offering bursaries?


Which companies are offering bursaries?


  • Assmang Bursary.
  • Astron Energy Bursary.
  • BankSETA CPUT Bursary.
  • BEKA Schr├ęder Bursary.
  • Brand South Africa Bursary.
  • Bridgestone Bursary.
  • Cape Agulhas Municipality Bursary.
  • Cipla Bursary.

Why do companies offer bursaries?

Corporate bursaries are offered by some companies, primarily with the objectives of attracting and upskilling talent to their organizations and investing in youth development, all of which can improve their overall B-BBEE score.

What does Motsepe Foundation bursary cover?

Today the Motsepe Foundation has 2 000 students in South African universities receiving full grants that cover all the costs of study, including tuition, accommodation, living expenses and books. More than 200 students have completed their studies on grants from the Foundation.

How do bursaries work in South Africa?

What is a Bursary and How Does it Work? A Bursary is a sum of money that is awarded to enable someone to study at a university or college. A lot of organisations, government or corporate, will offer the bursary to study at a university and will cover the costs of full tuition fees.

Can employers deduct bursaries in South Africa?

In this regard, bursaries and scholarships subject to an element of salary sacrifice are, once again, no longer exempt under section 10(1)(q). It must be noted that, unlike the 1992 version, the employer deduction in relation to bursaries and scholarships that are subject to salary sacrifice is still permitted.

Can you have two bursaries?

Yes, if you meet the eligibility criteria for more than one scheme, you can apply for more than one bursary (for example, you may be undertaking an overseas placement for which you can apply to the International bursary and also meet the criteria for the Gateway bursary, in which case you are welcome to submit an …

Does Vodacom offer bursaries?

Vodacom is the largest cellular network provider in South Africa. Each year the Vodacom bursary provides students a way to fund their ICT related or Engineering study.