Which has more mobility electron or hole?

Which has more mobility electron or hole?

The ratio of the velocity to the applied field is called the mobility. Since electron is lighter than holes, they move faster in applied field than holes.

Why is the drift velocity of holes smaller than that of electrons in intrinsic silicon?

Since holes are subjected to the stronger atomic force pulled by the nucleus than the electrons residing in the higher shells or farther shells, holes have a lower mobility. because electron effective mass is smaller than holes therefore mobility of electron is higher than holes.

What is breakdown field of silicon?

Basic Properties

Breakdown field ≈3·105V/cm
Mobility holes ≤450 cm2 V-1s-1
Diffusion coefficient electrons ≤36 cm2/s
Diffusion coefficient holes ≤12 cm2/s
Electron thermal velocity 2.3·105m/s

What is electron hole mobility?

Electron and hole mobility are special cases of electrical mobility of charged particles in a fluid under an applied electric field. When an electric field E is applied across a piece of material, the electrons respond by moving with an average velocity called the drift velocity, .

Why holes are heavier than electrons?

Based on the relation E = mc^2 , Energy of hole is greater than that of electron, thus holes have mass greater than that of electrons.

Why do holes move slower than electrons?

Holes generally move more slowly than electrons, however, because they function within the tightly bound valence band rather than the conduction band. Ordinary temperatures are not high enough to excite many electrons into the conduction band.

Why is the mobility of free electrons greater than that of holes?

The mobility of free electron is greater than that of free holes because they require low energy to continue their motion.

What is hole thermal velocity?

the hole thermal velocity to be 2.2 × 107cm/s. So, the typical thermal velocity of. electrons and holes is 2.5 × 107cm/s, which is about 1000 times slower than the.