Which MBA is best for finance?

The Wharton School

Which MBA is best for finance?

The Wharton School

QS MBA by Specialization Rankings 2019: Finance
Rank Business School Location
1 The Wharton School Philadelphia (PA)
2 Harvard Business School Cambridge (MA)
3 Columbia Business School New York (NY)

Is MBA in finance good in India?

There is a vast scope of MBA in Finance in India. MBA in Finance graduates can explore a wide range of promising career opportunities in the public and private sectors such as Financial Advisor, Investment Banker, Hedge Fund Manager, Stock Trader, Equity Analyst and much more.

Which IIT is best for MBA finance?

All these seven IITs are ranked among top 50 MBA institutes in India. While, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay are ranked among top 10 in the NIRF-MHRD ranking of best MBA institutes in India, other four IITs are ranked among top 50 MBA institutes in India.

Which country is best for MBA in finance?

Top 5 Countries to Study MBA Abroad

  1. Canada. Canada is a very popular destination for Indian students who wish to study abroad.
  2. United Kingdom. UK is one of the leading nations in banking sector and the top MBA graduates around the world are recruited by top banks in United Kingdom.
  3. Germany.
  4. Australia.
  5. Singapore.

Is MBA in finance tough?

Q: Is MBA in Finance a tough course to pursue? A: MBA in Finance is as rigorous as any other MBA programme. However, since there is extra use of Maths and Statistics, some students may find it tougher that other specialisations.

Which IIM is best for finance?

Top Ranked IIMs for MBA Finance

NIRF Management Ranking 2020 College Name Average Fees
1 IIM Ahmedabad INR 23,00,000
2 IIM Bangalore INR 23,00,000
3 IIM Calcutta INR 27,00,000
4 IIM Lucknow INR 19,00,000

What are Top10 colleges for Finance in MBA in India?

IIM Calcutta ( Best for Finance)

  • JBIMS Mumbai (also called CEO factory)
  • IIM Bangalore (Best for Consulting)
  • IIM Ahmedabad (Best for Marketing and Consulting)
  • IIM Kozhikode (Emerging destination for finance enthusiasts)
  • How much salary MBA Finance in India per month?

    MBA starting Salary in India

  • College Placements
  • Salary after IIM
  • Salary after IIT
  • Salary Acc to specialisation
  • MBA Finance Salary
  • MBA HR Salary
  • MBA IT Salary
  • MBA Logistics Salary
  • MBA Marketing Salary
  • What is the average salary of a MBA in India?

    The MBA Average Salary. Among the 132 ranked full-time MBA programs that reported to U.S.

  • Geography and Gender and Salary. Where a job is located can influence the salary.
  • Salary Variations by Profession. The average MBA salary also varies according to industry and profession.
  • The Bottom Line.
  • Is a MSc in Finance from India a good course?

    There are limited options for a person wanting to pursue Msc in finance from India. Recently JBIMS Mumbai has started a MSc Finance course and it feels the course is exhaustive and well crafted for embarking a good career in Finance Industry. This is first two year full time, one of its kind in India, Masters of Science (MSc) in Finance.