Which Strat has a 12 radius?

Deluxe Series Stratocaster® Neck, 12″ Radius, 22 Narrow Tall Frets, Pau Ferro Fingerboard.

Which Strat has a 12 radius?

Deluxe Series Stratocaster® Neck, 12″ Radius, 22 Narrow Tall Frets, Pau Ferro Fingerboard.

What radius should my Telecaster neck be?

Many electric guitars have a fretboard radius of 9.5 inches, which is a good ‘mid size’ that appeals to a lot of players and is now pretty much the standard with Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters.

What fingerboard radius is best for small hands?

People with small hands tend to have an easier time playing on flatter, thinner necks, which means that they will often benefit from a fretboard radius that is 12“ or above.

What is the neck radius of a Fender Stratocaster?


Manufacturer/Brand Model Fretboard Radius
Faith Most 16″
Fender Modern 9.5″
Fender Vintage 7.25″
Fender CD-60SCE 12″

What is the fretboard radius on a Les Paul?

Manufacturer/Brand Model Fretboard Radius
Gibson Les Paul Standard 2013 Compound 10″-16″
Gibson Vintage Les Paul 12″
Godin Most 16″
Goodall Most 15″

What size frets did SRV use?

The guitar featured frets that measured 0.110″ wide by 0.055″ when new, similar to Dunlop 6100 fretwire. String height was measured to be 5/64″ on the high E string and 7/64″ on the low E string. Each string had three full winds for the best angle at the bone nut.

Does fret size affect tone?

While larger frets do seem to result in a rounder tone, perhaps with increased sustain too, they also yield a somewhat less precise note than narrower frets – at least as examined “under the microscope.”

What is the standard Fender fingerboard radius?

Most prevalent is the modern 9.5” radius (241mm), which was adopted in the 1980s and is now found on about two thirds of Fender electric instruments. The next most common fingerboard radius, 7.25” (184mm), is a vintage-era spec now used on just under a third of Fender electric instruments.

What’s the difference between compound radius and staggered pickup Poles?

One more thing, staggered pickup poles are designed for smaller radius fretboards. With a compound radius you may get weaker sounding E strings or louder D & G strings. If I were to order a custom neck again, I would definately go for a straight 12″ radius.

How much difference is there between a 12 and a 10/16?

The difference in feel is slight (10 to 16 vs 12). not enough to make a huge difference but enough to tell that there is a difference especially when playing the two back to back. personally I would go for the 10 to 16 or just a flat out 16 over a 12 if those were the options.

What is a compound radius fingerboard?

About three dozen currently available Fender electric instruments feature a compound-radius fingerboard in which the degree of curvature gradually changes along the length of the neck, with the arc greatest near the headstock and gradually (but not completely) flattening toward the body end of the fingerboard.