Which towns fall under Govan Mbeki municipality?

Geography, History & Economy

Which towns fall under Govan Mbeki municipality?

Geography, History & Economy

  • MDB code: MP307.
  • Description: The Govan Mbeki Local Municipality (previously Highveld East Local Municipality) is situated in the Gert Sibande District in the Mpumalanga Province.
  • Area: 2 955km²
  • Cities/Towns: Bethal, Charl Cilliers, Embalenhle, Evander, Kinross, Leandra, Secunda, Trichardt.

What is the slogan of Govan Mbeki municipality?

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Which municipality is Secunda?

Govan Mbeki Local MunicipalitySecunda / MunicipalityGovan Mbeki Local Municipality is a South African local municipality situated in the Gert Sibande District Municipality, of Mpumalanga. Secunda is the seat of the municipality. Wikipedia

Why was eMbalenhle built?

eMbalenhle is a township in Govan Mbeki Local Municipality in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. It was established in the 1970s to serve as a black-only township for the neighbouring Secunda, which was founded at the same time.

Who is the mayor of Govan Mbeki municipality?

Mr Nhlakanipho Zuma
Mr Nhlakanipho Zuma was re-elected as Govan Mbeki Municipality’s executive mayor at the first council meeting after the November 1 local government elections.

How do I pay Govan Mbeki municipality?

You may pay your account or buy electricity at any of these listed vendors: Shoprite/Checkers, Post Office, Pick n Pay via EasyPay or filling stations.

Who is the mayor of Secunda?

Lindi Masina
Executive Mayor: Lindi Masina, Cllr Street Address: Horwood Street, SECUNDA.

Is eMbalenhle a rural or urban settlement?

study population included households in eMbalenhle, a low-income peri- urban settlement/township near Secunda, South Africa (26831.40 0 S; 29811.38 00 E) as depicted in Figure 1.

Who are the original people of eMbalenhle?


  • Greylingstad.
  • Grootvlei.
  • What is the population of eMbalenhle?

    Sub Places

    Name Population Area (km²)
    Embalenhle SP 6,550 1.57
    Harare Ema D 2,235 0.48
    Mandela Section 9,487 2.00
    Thambo Ema E 1,654 0.14

    Where is Secunda on the South Africa map?

    Secunda, Mpumalanga

    Secunda Show map of Mpumalanga Show map of South Africa Show map of Africa Show all
    Coordinates: 26°30′58″S 29°12′10″ECoordinates: 26°30′58″S 29°12′10″E
    Country South Africa
    Province Mpumalanga

    What is Secunda famous for?

    Architecture. Today distinctive features of the landscape around Secunda are the massive cooling towers, high chimneys and the steel structures unique to the South-African oil-from-coal industry. The highest structure in Secunda is the 301-metre-high chimney at the Sasol Three plant.