Who animated the Universal logo?

What cartoons are Universal Studios?

Who animated the Universal logo?

Weta Digital
The new animated logo, an updated variation of the studio’s signature globe, is the seventh version of the Universal logo in the studio’s 100-year history. It was created by the visual effects artists at New Zealand-based Weta Digital, which also created the effects for The Lord of the Rings franchise.

What cartoons are Universal Studios?

With Universal Cartoon Studios (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

  • The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man (1999 Video)
  • The Land Before Time: Sing Along Songs (1997)
  • Fractured Fairy Tales: The Phox, the Box, & the Lox (1999)
  • Creating a Fairy Tale World: The Making of ‘Shrek’ (2001 TV Movie)

What was the first animated Universal movie?

Most films listed below are from Universal Animation Studios which began as the feature animation department of Universal, producing its first feature-length animated film Ama and the Mysterious Crystal in 1997 and as of 2019 has produced a total of 19 feature films.

What Kids movies are at Universal Studios?

Universal Pictures

  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
  • Back to the Future (1985)
  • An American Tail (1986)
  • Batteries Not Included (1987)
  • The Land Before Time (1988)
  • Uncle Buck (1989)
  • Back to the Future Part II (1989)
  • Back to the Future Part III (1990)

How old is the Universal logo?

Apart from using special animated logos for big releases, Universal has updated its logo over the years. From a simple 1912 logo to the slick and modern 2012 emblem, Universal has upgraded its insignia several times in its 100-year history. Established in 1912, Universal is the oldest studio in the US.

What is the logo of Universal Studios?

The very first logo was designed in 1912 and featured a globe with a thick orbit around it. The “Universal Films” inscription in a candy serif typeface was placed on the upper part of the globe and featured a solid black color.

Does Universal make animated movies?

Beginning with How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World in 2019, Universal also released animated films by DreamWorks Animation, which was acquired by NBCUniversal in 2016.

Is universal an animation studio?

Universal Animation Studios (formerly known as Universal Cartoon Studios) is an American animation studio and a division of Universal Pictures, a subsidiary of NBCUniversal, which is owned by Comcast.

Did Universal make an anime?

as it branched into the anime, music, and film industries, and later Geneon Entertainment Inc….NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan.

Native name NBCユニバーサル・エンターテイメントジャパン合同会社
Area served Japan
Products Anime, film, music
Owner NBCUniversal (Comcast)
Parent Universal Pictures International Entertainment (NBCUniversal Film and Entertainment)

Is DreamWorks owned by Universal?

DreamWorks Animation LLC (also simply known as DreamWorks) is an American animation studio that produces animated films and television programs and is a subsidiary of Universal Pictures, a division of NBCUniversal, which is itself a division of Comcast.